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Rotary Peeler [Smart click peeler]
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We are a listed company in Hong Kong professional in production & engineering for houseware product.
Kitchen utensils
King's Flair Development Ltd. (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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This is a 2 in 1 vegetable and fruit peeler. It comes with a rotary head that turns 90 degrees at one press, it switches between Y and P peeler easily. It comes with a serrated blade and a straight blade on each side that gives the highest convenience to users to tackle with different type of vegetable or fruit without storing excessive tools in the kitchen cabinet. The shape of handle is smooth and streamlined to fit user's hand with comfort.


King;s Flair Development Limited


Dixon Poon

Market release pending


This is a cleverly designed peeler. Skillful use of a simple mechanism has saved the user's time and has made their lives convenient. I think that it is a very effective design. Two kinds of peelers that are commercially available and have respective merits are combined by one simple mechanism. And after trying it out, I had a more rational and convenient experience than if it were divided into two. The button on top of the peeler can quickly switch the knife in the direction of 90 degrees and it will not be difficult to replace even after many times. When peeling fruit, it is relatively efficient to try different cutting angles freely that are different from when cutting vegetables. The idea of the product is very wonderful, but if the quality of the finished product can be further improved, it will match its fine design perfectly. Ease of use, simplicity and effectiveness are the reasons for the product to receive the award.

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