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Silicone coating nursing bottle [Pigeon]
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Feeding nursing bottle with silicone coating
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Pigeon (Shanghai) CO.,LTD (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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To improve the safety of using glass bottle, add liquid silicone coating on the glass bottle. When drop down by accident, this coating will prevent glass from splashing, and protect mother and baby, avoid hurting by glass shards. This coating will also help grab bottle firmly, antiskid. To give reassuring feeling to mothers when they use glass nursing bottle.


Pigeon (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.


Ryotaro Sato


Xiangling Chen

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Baby bottles made of glass are prone to breakage, but they are relatively hygienic, easy to clean and heat resistant, so they are popular with mothers in the Chinese market. In consideration of the concern and safety of these brand-new mothers, Pigeon developed this modified glass feeding bottle in response to market needs. As for the difference with conventional glass baby bottles, it has a thin silica gel layer overcoated on the original baby bottle. This overcoat layer prevents glass fragments from scattering even if it is dropped on the ground and prevents any danger to nursing mothers and babies. Even if the baby bottle is dropped and shattered, the glass can be held firmly in the overcoat layer of silica gel. At the same time, the overcoat layer of silica gel feels good to touch, and the large frictional force can also be counted as a merit. Such baby bottles can be rinsed with a baby bottle sterilization box for sterilizing directly at high temperature. Two types of silica gel overcoat can be selected: gradated blue and pink. The main reason that this design was awarded is that it is safe, practical, and shows gentle consideration.

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