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smart guitar [Poputar P1]
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Shigan Culture Technology
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Shigan Technology (China)
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Poputar is designed for music beginners to pick up simple guitar skills in an extremely fun way. With 120 LEDs built inside the guitar neck, users will be able to visually locate the chord position and never worry about forgetting where to put their fingers on the board. Besides, Poputar and the APP provide a music rhythm game with real-time sound recognition, just like a real version of guitar hero, making music learning visually receptive.


Shenzhen Shigan Culture Technology Co.,Ltd.


Junda Ye


Junda Ye

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From the product name, you can see that it is a guitar with smart functions. Perseverance is necessary to learn a musical instrument, and if you can encounter a good teacher at the introductory stage, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort. In the age of networks, various information gathering means are developed, and it is easy to find videos of musical instrument education. However, in spite of this, you can only become more and more confident gradually after practicing repeatedly over time by yourself. In response to the disadvantage of beginners practicing independently, Poputar fitted 120 grain LEDs in the design of the guitar knob, set up a prompt flash according to the attached educational APP, and provide step by step instructions so that beginners can get used to every single beat, melody, and fingering practice. You can have fun learning as if you are playing a game. The other thing to mention is that although this guitar incorporates many black technologies as smart technology, perfection is pursued even in the production technology of the guitar itself, and only the highest quality is allowed. It can be said that it has reached the technical level of a masterpiece either in surface treatment and color selection, or in assembly and connection of parts. It is a gem that people love and become addicted to. The interface design of the software is also very concise and easy to understand; it should be a good helper for beginners. Wisdom, refinement, beauty and fun are the keywords for this guitar to win.

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