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Note bag [Tear it off]
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Shenzhen Dizan Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Shenzhen Dizan Technology Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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The notebags combine paper bags and memos.After tearing along the dotted line, the notebag can be used secondly as memos and its storage box which could hold these memos. After repeated tests of the material and the structure, the final design can meet the daily shopping needs.


Liang Qing, Tang Xuelin, Wang Songge


Tang Xuelin, Wang Songge, Liang Qing


Wang Songge, Liang Qing, Tang Xuelin

Market release pending


Note bag is a design that I personally like very much. Under the agenda of global environmental problems, people are asked to gradually reduce the use of plastic bags. A paper bag is an ideal alternative. The appearance of this paper bag is no different from an ordinary craft paper bag, but if you examine it carefully, you can see that many fine grid-cutting lines are given in the bag. These cut lines pre-divide the paper bag into square areas of the same size. Secondary recycling of paper bags is to cut small pieces of paper into sticky notes like post-its. The bottom of the bag finally becomes a plate, and it is very practical that you can put in paper cuttings and scraps of food such as bones. For designers, the more familiar the product is, the more difficult to discover new ideas. It is because these daily necessities have already evolved into a very economical and simple form. As a design, if you can return to the initial state of the product, reconsider, restart and redefine, it is definitely worthy of praise. This product is a perfect example. Being smart, simple, extensible, and sustainable is the reason Note bag finally won the prize.

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