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GOOD DESIGN|審査委員長特別賞

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New Academic Domain from Japan [Systems Biology]
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The Systems Biology Institute
Good Design Frontier Design Award
The Systems Biology Institute (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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Systems biology, a research concept advocated by the scientist Hiroaki Kitano, is a field of science gaining a lot of attention internationally as a new academic field in Japan with the goal of "understanding biological phenomena as systems." The field was named and is being pursued intentionally as a research field that is open and expandable, and it has become a major trend globally. The Systems Biology Institute pursues international research partnerships and presents research results from many angles, mostly by Hiroaki Kitano, who devised the concept.


Hiroaki Kitano

Hiroaki Kitano

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Systems biology, which symbolizes this year's Frontier Design Award, showed indications of being something new and different from the time it was entered in the awards competition, and it overwhelmed all the other entries with its immense potential. Systems biology has already created a stir in the scientific world. While praising the significance of the research, the Screening Committee discussed the points that made these efforts eligible for the Good Design Award, such as the possibilities for creating previously unknown industries. The conclusion was that we were very impressed by the creativity, the intellectual activity, and the potential for action inherent in this research and research institutions. This entry, a new made-in-Japan academic field, will cut across interdisciplinary lines to incorporate specialized knowledge from a wide variety of fields and involve the world's expert researchers, especially computer scientists, molecular biologists, and cutting-edge medical researchers. This project will create new fields of study and research. In recent years, applied fields like research into new drugs have developed into industries and contain the potential to give rise to employment and practical benefits. Based on the concept of "Understanding biological phenomena as a system," the research attempts to build community-like networks of knowledge throughout the world. This research contributes to new knowledge construction and human development, has an overwhelming impact, and has laid out one possible path for future development of the Frontier Design Award.

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