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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Entertainment Project Design [AKB48]
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This "idol group" started up in December 2005 with songwriter Yasushi Akimoto as general producer. The concept is "idols you can go to meet." The female performers have their own "AKB48 Theater" in Akihabara and give daily shows featuring song and dance. They have given a total of 2,004 shows so far in front of about 500,000 people (through July 31, 2010). Members are selected by auditions throughout Japan. There are a total of 68 members: 48 performers and 20 understudies. Their latest song is "Beginner," their 18th single, to be released on October 27.


Yasushi Akimoto

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The digitalization of information is constantly accelerating. In times like these, people are seeking experiences with a more "analog" feel. Under the overall production of Yasushi Akimoto, the group AKB48 was created in 2005, based on the concept of "Idols you can go to meet," a perfect fit for this era. At their private venue in Akihabara, the AKB48 Theater, the group gives live performances almost daily, with different teams taking turns. This very idol-like behavior creates deep bonds with their fans, and other activities and projects, such as the "AKB48 Popularity Vote" and the "AKB104 Team Formation Festival," invite the involvement of both fans and other members of society. In addition to AKB48 in Akihabara, Tokyo, sister units such as SKE48, based in Sakae, Nagoya City, and NMB48, based in Namba, Osaka City, provide coverage for Japan's three largest cities. This large number of idol units allows for the development of further activities in more and more regions. The vision and completeness of this entertainment project design have made this idol group tops in their field, and they have had a huge impact on society. As the group continues to spread into more regions, and even overseas, it is clear that this project design has the potential to make Japanese pop culture into an even larger global entertainment business.

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