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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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LCD Digital Color TV [BRAVIA NX800 Series]
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Sony Corporation
Network - Home Entertainment Equipment
Sony Corporation (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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The NX800 puts the emphasis on "watching" a picture; its "monolithic design" strips away all showy ornamentation. This large-screen high-definition TV achieves an even more beautiful picture with LEDs and Sony’s imaging technology. Image quality functions include 4X speed technology for smooth playback even of sports and other video with quick motion and the "Clear Black Panel" to reproduce deep black and displaying crisp images with clear outlines. The built-in wireless LAN function lets you connect to the Internet without bothering with the wiring, bringing you a variety of high-quality image content. The unified "monolithic design" in Sony’s home entertainment products adapts itself to interiors with a sharp form appearance.


Sony Corporation, Consumer, Professional & Devices Group, Home Entertainment Business Group


Sony Corporation, Creative Center, Fumiya Matsuoka, Ryuta Kanno


Sony Corporation, Creative Center, Yuki Kubota

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Advances in technology have made thin television sets a reality. Perhaps it is because this development has been a long-held dream, but it feels as if the world at large cares only about thinness in designing television sets. This fiscal year once again has companies fighting to see which one can produce the thinnest, simplest sets. Amidst these developments, Bravia's silver block shape with a vertical panel and the concept behind it are breakthroughs, and it feels like an innovative concept that drawn a line in the sand. It has been able to do away with the need for a conventional stand precisely because of the designer's strong awareness of monolithic design. Part of the reason that thinness has such a lasting appeal is that the screen seems to melt into part of the wall and disappear. In one sense, the design of the Bravia can be seen as one that thoroughly melts into its surroundings, but on the other hand, its presence can be felt in almost sculptural relief. This design shows us that something can impact us as a shape before disappearing into its space. In addition, the tactile impression of the materials and the fine construction were well achieved, and we are delighted to deem it a perfect package in every way by thoroughly maintaining the modeling concept (original shape) with no changes.

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