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Sonic irrigation system for dentists [Vibringe, Product for improved irrigation of root canals]
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Vibringe BV
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Vibringe BV (Netherlands)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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The Vibringe is a system for dentists to perform an improved root canal treatment. The Vibringe is used for irrigation, meaning cleaning and disinfection, of root canals. A special designed disposable syringe can be attached to the Vibringe handpiece and a needle will fit the Luer Lock connection of the syringe. The handpiece generates a sonic frequency that is transferred via the syringe to the needle causing activated disinfection. The system is single button operated and has a rechargeable battery inside. The battery can be charged on a charging base in an inductive, contactless way.


Vibringe BV


Oda Snoep


VanBerlo BV

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This is an ultrasonic syringe-type cleaning device for root canal cleaning. A vibrating element is inserted in a disposable syringe, which is filled with disinfecting liquid. The dentist inserts the liquid into the root canal while adjusting the flow, a sonic frequency cleans the infected area, so that it is possible to provide thorough disinfection with just a small amount of liquid. The device is conceived so that doctors who are accustomed to using a syringe can visualize the area without any sense of strangeness as they disinfect the root canal. The hand position for using the syringe, with the thumb through the ring, and the recharging method both have a simple, iconic design, so that one can see at a glance how to use it. The non-contact charging device is also well thought out in terms of hygiene, since all parts of the device can be washed. We think that it is a beautiful therapeutic device, with minute details and European-style design.

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