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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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cloth [hana-hukin]
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Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd
Life - Household products
Nakagawa-masashichi-syouten (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2008

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Cloth for household use, made of a pure cotton fabric formerly used as mosquito netting (a specialty of Nara, Japan). Mosquito netting has declined in demand, due to changing lifestyles, but this manufacturer appreciated the fabric's absorbency and durability and reintroduced it in dishcloths. The cloths are large yet thin, easily folded for use and then spread out to dry. They can be used both to wipe away moisture and to keep one's home clean. Generously sized, the versatile cloths can dry tableware, cover or wrap things, and much more. Over time, the cloths become soft and supple, and eventually, they make good rags.


Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd

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This is an easy to use cleaning cloth, developed when the Nara-based manufacturer took note of a local specialty product, mosquito netting. This was, of course, a concept aimed at regional revitalization, making use of mosquito netting, which was facing a decrease in demand. However, the major attraction was the fabric itself, large, but thin and light, yet strong. These large, thin cloths are suitable for cleaning containers of many shapes and sizes. When you fold them, they absorb water easily, and when spread out, they can be used for drying, so they have a double function. The colors have been selected with an artistic eye, and I think these cloths hold their own with any in the world, and may even be suitable as gifts.

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