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SENZ XL storm umbrella [SENZ XL storm umbrella]
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SENZ Umbrellas BV
Human body - Wearable products, personal care products
SENZ Umbrellas BV (Netherlands)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2008

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The SENZ XL storm umbrella eliminates all the well known umbrella struggles that have been around for 3400 years. The SENZ umbrella allows you to play with the wind, even in strong gusts. The patented construction makes the umbrella windproof up to 70 MPH and the umbrella does not invert. The unique eye savers protect the eyes from any possible harm and the asymmetrical shape of the SENZ XL provides an excellent view. The innovative opening mechanism of the umbrella has been integrated in the handle, and the smooth oval shaft matches perfectly with the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella.


Gerwin Hoogendoorn, SENZ Umbrellas BV


The SENZ Design Team

Philip Hess, Gerard Kool, Gerwin Hoogendoorn

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An asymmetrical umbrella that changes the concept of conventional umbrella. This umbrella is designed to solve such problems as being blown inside out and broken in the strong wind. Also some ingenuity is found at the points of umbrella bones to protect user's eyes. The pros and cons are heard on the innovative shape. It may not be easy to launch the product in Japan unless it becomes compact when folded and the weight is trimmed, but it should be favorably evaluated that students addressed a day-to-day problem of the area of stormy wind and rain as graduation production.

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