GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020 Participation

Message from Chair

We are now facing a myriad of global issues that need to be addressed, as in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. More and more products and services entering for the Good Design Award offer solutions to the issues at hand with their original design. What they have in common is that their development is driven by the strong motivation to respond to the needs and wants of the people. The design acts as a medium for people to communicate their sympathy for each other. The functions and features that manifest externally on products and services are an instrument that gives a concrete shape to the emotions. While the instrument can be developed with technology, the interpersonal exchange of feelings is based on the meta-level communication skills that humans are born with and transcend the use of words. Design is always seen as an instrument containing the expression of sympathy for each other.This sympathy is exactly what allows the implementation of the instrument for the society and people.

As I write this message, coronavirus is spreading worldwide, greatly affecting everyone in this time of uncertainty. While the fundamental solution to this problem is dependent on medical science, the lack of face masks and other necessities in this time of crisis cannot be solved by medicine. I believe that the solution to such problem lies in the power of design, which can create an instrument that takes into account the feelings arising out of sympathy. The instrument could be a system or a product. What is important for design is not differentiation in terms of the output method, but whether the instrument reflects the feelings of the people.

One of the significances of participating in the Good Design Award is that it allows the designers to see a variety of designs of the same era from a higher perspective and take a subjective view of their own design. As the domain covered by design continues to expand, it becomes challenging to compare different designs by their superficial layers. However, taking a closer look at the instrument and expression of sympathy for each other incorporated in the design allows designers to acknowledge their position and reexamine the appropriateness of their approach, regardless of the shape and appearance of the design. This undoubtedly offers a hint for a brighter future. I hope to see a rich variety of entries for this year's award.

April 2, 2020

Takashi Ashitomi

Takashi Ashitomi
Chair of Good Design Award 2020

Message from Vice Chair

The world is inundated with objects, both tangible and intangible. They are all designs that originate from someone's idea and are creations crafted by hand. How many of those objects attempt to improve people's lives and continue to do so in order to change the world for the better through design? It doesn't matter whether it manifests in the product directly or indirectly. What is important is that product development is driven by the desire to make things better. As one of the judges of the Good Design Award, I always do my best to look for as many entries as possible that stem from such sincerity.

We live in an era that could be referred to as the beginning of the formation of "Anthropocene" In other words, we are likely to continuously face unpredictable events that are outside of the normal order of things. This may be attributed to the fact that we have forgotten the philosophical question of who we are and have lost sight of the changes happening in the world by becoming so wrapped up in technological advances.

What can design do in this day and age? The judges this year will be holding discussions about this big question at great length to find the most suitable guidelines unique to the times.

Succeeding the context exhibited in the themes, "beauty" from two years ago and "power to resonance" from last year, this year's Good Design Award goes a step further to take on the theme "sympathy for each other." Under the current circumstances where big changes are happening, it becomes important to go beyond the power of individual efforts and set off a large tidal wave that transcends existing industries and scale and that blurs the boundaries between tangible and intangible objects. I strongly believe that senses, sensibilities and emotions together contribute to the creation of design that is needed by the society and people all over the world. I look forward to encountering many powerful entries that show "sympathy for each other" this year.

April 2, 2020

Seiichi Saito

Seiichi Saito
Vice Chair of Good Design Award 2020

Message from Organizer

We, the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, begin seeking applications for the Good Design Award 2020 today.
The world is changing faster and on a larger scale than ever before. The power of design is needed now, more than ever, to build an enriched society in which everyone can live dignified lives and feel a sense of hope. Remaining sensitive to changing times and expectations regarding design, the Good Design Award will use a rigorous and fair screening process to choose designs that mark the beginning of a new age.
In recent years, a truly broad and diverse range of people have employed creative approaches to design to achieve their goals and give rise to new value.
The younger generation is making full use of design as they undertake business innovation that will lead the way to a new era. Manufacturing companies are incorporating new designs as they take on the challenge of entering new business domains. A growing number of people are seeking to use design to map out a path to resolving issues and meeting targets like those highlighted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More and more people are using design in urban development and efforts to revitalize communities, too.
Defining design in broad terms that encompass both tangible and intangible forms, the Good Design Award supports people endeavoring to generate new social value through design. As a means of furthering this goal, we give consideration to ensuring that the award offers advantages for applicants, such as our new private viewing exclusively for applicants, which offers the chance to see all the submissions from within Japan and overseas when the Second Screening Panel takes place at Aichi Sky Expo.
We also undertake promotional activities aimed at further increasing the value of winning an award, including an exhibition of award-winning entries and the Good Design Best 100 Designers Presentation. In addition, we are taking such proactive steps as offering recommendations through our Focused Issues program and undertaking overseas exchange projects based on international collaboration with relevant organizations.
Through the Good Design Award, we will strive to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of those of your designs that increase the quality of life and industry, inspiring a new society.
I sincerely hope that you will enthusiastically take up the challenge of entering this year's Good Design Award.

April 2, 2020

Atsushi Oi

Atsushi Oi, President
Japan Institute of Design Promotion