GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 Participation

Message from Chair | Beauty and resonance

We now stand on the brink of many changes. As times change significantly, we ourselves should be the ones shaping the life we lead and our society.
From this starting point of seeking even modest improvements to how things are, what drives real change is the enterprise of design. Treating a project, however small, as an opportunity for good design enables contributors to take a variety of approaches in pursuit of their ideals – imagining a wonderful user experience, considering those involved in development, production, or distribution, and ensuring a reasonable environmental footprint, for example – and make their project a reality.
What is designed through these approaches must be aesthetically satisfying. The beauty of well-designed things emerges as the culmination and refinement of the contributors' outlook, awareness, and experimentation. That is precisely why, when we perceive this beauty, we sense and discover that there is a lot behind it. Not only beautiful, good design also arouses empathy, and this resonance should probably be appreciated as having the power to bring about desirable changes.
How accurately can the award program discern the hopes and intentions behind beautiful design? And can we convey it to a wider audience and draw out its power to resonate with people? Once again this year, along with program participants, we will consider and promote the potential of good design.
We look forward to your participation.

April 3, 2019

Fumie Shibata

Fumie Shibata
Chair of Good Design Award 2019

Seiichi Saito

Seiichi Saito
Vice Chair of Good Design Award 2019

Message from Organizer

Japan Institute of Design Promotion is now accepting entries for the 2019 Good Design Award program.
It is a fitting time to recall how the boundaries of design expanded in the imperial era now ending.
Sound design principles were applied not only to make tangible things, but also to create value in systems, services, and other intangibles. Even the role of design in corporate management has drawn attention in recent years.
People also began to recognize the power of design to suggest ways to solve a variety of challenges and meet goals, such as the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals. Whether to achieve targets or generate new value, good design has been actively employed in creative approaches by diverse contributors in quite a broad range of fields.
Never before has the power of design been wielded to this extent in building a prosperous society where everyone can live a creative life with a sense of optimism.
As the GDA program continues to monitor these developments and people's hopes for design, we will be selecting exemplary design for a new era through fair and rigorous screenings.
Promotion to make the awards even more valuable to winners will include a variety of events such as the Good Design Exhibition and Best 100 design presentations, as well as coverage in Focused Issues’ essays and international exposure through ties with partner programs outside of Japan.
Design constantly evolves as times change and society advances. The award program will expose winning entries to a broad audience as ways to enhance the quality of life and industry, and drive the dynamism of a new era. We sincerely look forward to your participation in the program.

April 3, 2019

Atsushi Oi

Atsushi Oi, President
Japan Institute of Design Promotion