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GOOD DESIGN|グッドフォーカス賞 [地域社会デザイン]

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Hotel [Luxury hotel SOWAKA]
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Construction and environment for office and
Hatanaka co.,ltd (Japan)
Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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An accommodation facility consisting of three buildings: the main building renovated from a ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant), a separate building renovated from a machiya, and a new building constructed on vacant land. The ryotei, which was in danger of demolition, was conserved and utilized in collaboration with the client, the administrator, the designer, and the Kyoto city government.


Shigenori Uoya, Miwako Uoya, Mami Yoshino, Kota Iwai, Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates Co., Ltd. + Eisuke Mitsuda, Kyoto Institute of Technology

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This project was implemented in the context where an old Japanese-style restaurant house in Kyoto, which was built over 100 years ago, was in danger of being demolished due to city development, and volunteers who opposed it gathered, bought back the restaurant from the developer, and found a new owner who wants to preserve and utilize it, thereby preserving the local landscape and culture. The restaurant was to be revitalized as a hotel, which, however, required a use change under the Building Standards Act. Normally, such use change would oblige the restaurant house to retroactively satisfy the requirements under the current laws. If so, however, the quality of this architecture would be lost. Then, the architect and Kyoto City's government cooperated with each other to exclude this house from the application of the Building Standards Act by virtue of the city regulations and to ensure safety of the same level or higher as provided for in the Act by means of efforts from both software and hardware standpoints, to thereby preserve the quality of the old architecture without drastic modification. The architect has been involved in the revitalization of Machiya (old Japanese houses) in Kyoto for a long time, and this attempt became successful thanks to maintaining a good relationship of trust with the city government of Kyoto. The project is highly evaluated together with its high-resolution design as an attempt to preserve local landscape and culture, and as a model for architects who will protect the local culture with the trust of governments and citizens.

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