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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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videogame system [PlayStation(R)5]
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Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
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Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (United States of America)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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PlayStation(R)5 will redefine the gaming experience and bring a new generation of innovative gameplay to users. Haptic, adaptive trigger, and 3D audio technologies create an immersive experience, while custom CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs deliver processing performance beyond the conventional PlayStation(R) experience.


Global Design Center, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

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Not just gamers, but many people were longing for and excited to see the arrival of this product. It did not disappoint us. The product came into the world with a symbolic and truly emotional appearance made of unprecedented 3D curved surfaces. The logo punched through the panel can only be realized by this unique design that shows the back of the panel. Also, it is easy to clean, as the body is sandwiched between two removable panels. By looking at the form of the side, we thought it could not be placed horizontally; however, it can be mounted horizontally by using a stand attached in the package. The attached DualSense wireless controller is designed with the same theme, providing a good grip. We cannot say the body of bare plastic with no paint has a sense of luxury; however, this is to simplify the manufacturing process and in consideration of recycling. We believe that the new form of this product which we have never seen in any other product will completely satisfy video game players across the world.

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