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Foldable and reusable tumbler / cup. [FoFoCup (8oz, 16oz, 20oz)]
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FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering
Household goods, electrical appliances and Sundries
FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering (Taiwan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2013

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FoFoCup is the only cup in the world that can be folded down to less than 1cm in less than 1 second. Reusable 10,000 times, safe up to 120°C, less than 50g.


FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering dedicates to folding unfoldable items, and foldable items to be folded more easily, with green engineering as its method to reduce CO2 emission, and make the earth greener.


Although Cyc Chen is the CDO of FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering, he never deem himself as the chief design officer, but the Cook Dream Officer. The dream is to change the world and make it better.


Cyc Chen, most of his career was in IT industry, but the wish since his childhood was to be a designer. By wandering around all the years, he finally found his way back to his dream at his 50.

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With more than 10 billion paper cups being consumed all over the world every year, there will be less logging and a massive amount of waste will be reduced if each of us can easily carry a cup. The round-shaped FoFoCup can be folded compactly when not in use. The small cup fits in one's pocket and even the large cup does not take up much space in a bag. Pull the cup to use it and it can be used as a cup with a lid just like a paper cup provided at coffee shops, meeting the need to have drinks such as coffee while travelling, FoFoCup can now "carry" deliciousness. By using FoFoCup instead of paper cups or Styrofoam cups that are currently used, it is more hygienic and safer, reduces transport costs by 45%–65%, and protects the environment as it greatly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions. FoFoCup is made by polypropylene, heat resistant up to 120℃, and can be reused several thousand times with proper use. It is totally recyclable when thrown away. FoFoCup is changing people's lives through its design. It is also concerned about nature and the environment, and is helping to protect the ecosystem regardless of the small size. The concept "the heaven is round, the earth is square" also greatly matches Eastern customs and philosophy.

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