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GOOD DESIGN|ライフスケープデザイン賞

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Childcare Support Program [The baby's station]
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the Itabashi City Office
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the Itabashi City Office (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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This project won an award from Itabashi Ward’s program for commending excellent projects (as recommended by employees). Child welfare facilities, childcare centers and school children’s clubs are designated as "Baby Stations," and parents on outings with their children can feel comfortable using them as a place to change diapers, nurse or bottle-feed their children, etc. A budget was first set aside in FY2006 and the program started that June with 84 facilities (37 ward-operated child welfare facilities, 45 ward-operated childcare centers and two child-rearing support centers (Hiroba). The program has expanded as needed, and currently covers the entire ward in 135 facilities, including private childcare centers and kindergartens, non-profit organization facilities, universities, senior citizen residential service centers and more.


The Child Support Center





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Diaper-changing and baby nursing facilities and places were provided in ward-operated childcare centers and children's facilities in response to parents who noted that they worried about finding places to change or nurse their infants when they are out with them. This program to support child-rearing was the first of its kind in Japan and was a suggestion of an Itabashi Ward employee in 2006. The facilities are called "Baby Stations". Such facilities later spread to facilities of universities, senior citizen residential service centers and non-profits, expanding to 135 places as of June 2010. The "Baby Stations" were also praised for the ease with which the name is understood as well as the ease of implementing such a facility; the idea is spreading nationwide and the pace of setting up similar "Baby Stations" is currently picking up in a number of municipalities. In addition, municipalities that have implemented "Baby Stations" are producing and distributing maps and making them searchable from cell phone web sites. They are also coming up with their own ideas and services, such as programs to subsidize facilities. "Baby Stations" were a small idea intended to solve one area's problem, but it has resonated with municipalities facing the same problem and is now established and moving forward at the national level, creating big changes in how child-rearing is supported in Japan. It is worthy of high praise as an initiative well suited to the Lifescape Design Award.

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