Focused Issues

Focused Issues is an attempt to explore and show the potential social impact of design, through the lens of Good Design Award.
Among the Good Design Award winning objects, there are many designs each year that have responded to the current or anticipated social issues. From such issues, we focus on those that are considered to be of great importance and highly concern people's interests, and identify the key themes as the specific keywords for Good Design Award. Then among the latest award winners, we discover the designs that endorse promising responses, and discuss their significance.
A special team, the Focused Issues Directors, is formed from the jury members of the Good Design Award, to carry out the "discovery" and "discussion". At the same time as screening of subject entries, they try to find out the designs highly related to the themes that they are in charge of, identify the point and verbalize it. As the remarks of the Directors about their findings, Focused Issues will be widely transmitted to the public.


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