Outline of Good Design Award winners

2018 | Overview Report

  • Announcement of Winners of the Good Design Award 2018
  • Good Design Award, Good Design Best 100, Long Life Design Award are announced

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion (Chair: Motomi Kawakami), the organizer of the Good Design Award, announced the Award recipients for 2018 on Wednesday, October 3.
The organization started accepting entries for the Good Design Award 2018 on April 4 and, following the screening of 4,789 entries, a total of 1,353 award-winning works have been determined.
The winners that have been announced today include 100 works selected for Good Design Best 100 for demonstrating excellence in originality, proposal power, aesthetics and level of completion that would help raise the standards in today's design and would be positioned as part of future model design. Followed by further screening, Good Design Grand Award and other special awards are to be selected from the Best 100.
Today, we have also announced 19 recipients of the Good Design Long Life Design Award, which is given to products and projects that have been supported by the people over a long time.


Good Design Award 2018 results
(year-on-year basis)

Awarded entries: 1,353 (-50 entries)
Awarded companies: 945 (- 13 companies)
Total entries: 4,789 (+ 294 entries)

* Due to the violation of the Good Design Award terms & conditions, 1 award were canceled as of April 19, 2019.

The award results include 30 award-winning works with the special measure as the support for reconstruction from Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster since 2011, 31 works in cooperation with foreign design awards and 22 works by "ASEAN Design Selection", the cooperative project with ASEAN - JAPAN CENTRE and JDP.

  • Winners with the special measure as the support for reconstruction from Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster : 30 (→ Award winners)
    *Exempted from all relative cost for Good Design Award
  • Winners in cooperation with foreign design awards : 31 (→ Award winners)
  • Winners by "ASEAN Design Selection" : 22 (→ Award winners)

Good Design Grand Award and other special awards to be announced on October 31

Good Design Grand Award, Good Design Gold Award and Good Focus Award (newly established) will be determined by making a selection from Good Design Best 100 that will be announced today. The screening takes place on October 10 through presentations (public event) by the awarded designers and closed-door discussion among the judges. The recipient of the Good Design Grand Award will be determined through voting on October 31 by the judges in the committee and this year’s Good Design Award winners. The results of the special awards will be announced on October 31.

Upon reviewing the award results of 2018, Chair and Vice Chair of the judging committee, Fumie Shibata and Seiichi Saito, have together released a statement: "In recent years, design has significantly increased its presence in the world, resulting in a shift in its role to fill. As design becomes more and more prevalent in everyday life, we believe this year's Good Design Award would be helpful in once again sharing with the society the power and possibilities of design. Through an even more fluid screening process, we believe the award will not only demonstrate what design can do for the society, but also help showcase design from a variety of fields to set the new standard and guide the future for improving the quality of our lives."

Exhibition of awarded works to start today

All the Good Design Award winning works announced today will be displayed at GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2018 at Tokyo Midtown (in Roppongi) from Wednesday, October 31. In addition, some will be showcased at "My Favorite Design 2018" held at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi starting Wednesday, October 3 to display the creations selected by this year's panel of 86 judges.

    All award-winning works will be displayed at Tokyo Midtown (in Roppongi).
    Special Exhibit "Good Design Best 100" and a pop-up shop carrying award-winning products will be open during the event.
    Schedule: Wednesday, October 31 through Sunday, November 4
    Venue: Tokyo Midtown (9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • My Favorite Design 2018
    Favorite award-winning works chosen by 86 judges of this year's Good Design Award will be exhibited.
    Schedule: Wednesday, October 3 through Sunday, November 4
    Venue: GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi (Shin Kokusai Building 1F Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    Open everyday during the event, Free admission

Following Schedule from Award announcement

Wednesday, October 3 through Sunday, November 4 My Favorite Design 2018
Wednesday, October 31 through Sunday, November 4 GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2018

Reference data: Award number of Award from Oversea area

Brunei3 Cambodia2 Canada1
China82 Germany4 Hong Kong7
India3 Indonesia6 Israel1
Italy5 Laos2 Malaysia5
Myanmar1 Netherlands1 Philippines4
Singapore6 Slovenia1 South Korea49
Switzerland2 Taiwan60 Thailand20
United Kingdom1 United States of America11   
Vietnam1 Japan1,063