Outline of Good Design Award winners



Particularly outstanding entries among all the entries applied for the Good Design Long-selling Good Design Awards.




Fumie Shibata

Fumie Shibata

Product Designer | Representative Director, Design Studio S / Professor, Musashino Art University


Mineaki Nagai

Mineaki Saito

Representative, Scenery Japan Co., Ltd.

Kazufumi Nagai

Kazufumi Nagai

Creative Director | President, HAKUHODO DESIGN / Professor, Tama Art University

Matsutaro Fukumitsu

Matsutaro Fukumitsu

President, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

2017 Long Life Design Award Schedule

General nomination (April 5 - June 7)
Nominations were received via the Good Design Award website from product users, designers and corporations.

Decision on nominee longlist (June 16)
Judges for Long Life Design Award selected finalists from the nominated designs and compiled a longlist.

Decision on applicants (June 29)
Regarding the selected judging subjects, GDA office invited principal implementing businesses to apply for Long Life Design Award and confirmed the entries.

Good Design Long Life Design Award Nominated Design Exhibition (August 3 -September 3 at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi)
Held a public exhibition at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi for applied judging subjects, and collected the comment from general public.

Long Life Design Award Panel (August 30)
At GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi, Judged for the Long Life Design Award reviewed actual products, panels, etc., and decided on the winner of the Long Life Design Award.

Long Life Design Award winner announcement (October 4)
2017 Long Life Design Award to be announced
Good Design Long Life Design Award

Long Life Design Award Exhibition "LONG LIFE DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017" (November 1 - 5 at Tokyo Midtown. GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION)

Long Life Design Award Winner Celebration Party (November 1)

Publication of the Good Design Yearbook (March 2018)

2017 | Long Life Design Award Screening Comments

Chairperson Fumie Shibata
Product Designer

Even during times of drastic changes, there are designs that are loved and used for years to come. These have not survived just because we have a sense of longing for them or are used to having them in our lives, but because they are needed and continue to shape our lives. What kind of influence does such first-class design have? They now exist naturally as a result of new technology, original ideas and sincerely addressing the needs that arise from day-to-day living, but must have been surprisingly innovative when they were first introduced. By presenting values and applications that had not been introduced, they have developed a new way of living and may have changed the scenery in our daily lives. Designs that are supported in a timeless manner possess a universal beauty that touches every person. That is probably why they continue to capture our hearts.

The Good Design Long Life Design Award is aimed at ultimately improving the quality of future design and life by reexamining, in light of the modern trend, such design that does not disappear but continues to be supported over time.

In 2017, the Long Life Design Award helped us explore design that is essential in our lives and will continue to be indispensable. The environment around us has changed dramatically but the ease of use and comfort, and the human touch and richness that the products provide are the same, making us realize how design can convey the texture and sensation in our daily lives. Furthermore, seeing more and more strong key products that exemplify the maker’s work, we have confirmed that the manufacturer’s brand is made up with the products themselves. Moreover, I have a feeling that the Long Life Design Award will continue to evolve to include intangible services and projects as in the previous year.

I anticipate with great expectations the future in which newly introduced designs and the Long Life Design will be the two dynamic forces that paint a bright picture for us.