Outline of Good Design Award winners

2015|Project Outline

Guiding principles of the Good Design Award
HUMANITY Emerging creative power for products and conceptual embodiments
HONESTY Insight toward contemporary society
INNOVATION Conceptual power to pioneer the future
ESTHETICS Imaginative power for a prosperous lifestyle culture
ETHICS Thinking power to shape society and the environment

Perspectives of the screening

Human perspective

  • Whether due considerations, including usability, understandability, and friendliness, etc., are given to users
  • Whether various considerations, including safety, security, environment, physically weak persons, etc., are given to maintain the credibility
  • Whether the design gains sympathy of users
  • Whether the design has attractiveness and induces users’ creativity

Industrial perspective

  • Whether issues are skillfully solved by using new technology and materials or through creativity
  • Whether the item is reasonably designed or planned with appropriate technology, method, and quality
  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new industry or business

Social perspective

  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new culture, such as a new method, lifestyle, communication, etc.
  • Whether the item contributes to the realization of the sustainable society
  • Whether the item suggests new value, such as a new method, concept, style, etc. to society

Project Outline

Took over the improvement of fiscal 2014, the Good Design Award 2015 continued to carry out an appropriate screening, increase the winners’ profit, and enhance the public relations feature as the objective. Points of improvement are as follows.

Improvement of Screening:

  • Issues which will become important in the future society were set as Focused Issue in order to provide awareness for the future society. At the same time, special teams were formed for discussion about these themes. The teams discussed “possibilities in the future society” through screening, and present the results.
  • Application categories were reorganized in order to conduct wide-ranging screening for various designs.
  • Same as the last year, “Tutorial Book for Judges” has released for the purpose of clarifying the Judging Process.
  • Judges ware actively make comments regardless of whether the object has passed or not.

Reinforcement of the promotion for award winning objects:
In the exhibition of award winning objects “Good Design Exhibition (G-Exhibition)”, which will be held mainly at Tokyo Midtown, various collaborative projects which were conducted last year have been expanded and events have been reorganized to reinforce the point to “convey good designs”.

Continuation and expansion of the support for reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster:
The exemption from all the costs regarding screening, exhibition and yearbook publication for the applicants from Tohoku 6 prefectures and Ibaraki prefecture have been continued. The G mark usage fee has been also free of charge and the award winners before 2011 from above mentioned area can also enjoy this benefit.

Continuation and reinforcement of Good Design Japanese Furniture Selection:
A project for the promotion of Japanese furniture inside and outside Japan, or “Good Design Japanese Furniture Selection” were continued this year in cooperation with Japanese furniture manufacturers.

Development of the presence of the Good Design Award in Asian countries:
We have tried to deepen collaboration with countries including Thai, India and Singapore, which are in cooperation with the Design Award, as well as Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, where local screening panels were conducted last year, and other countries such as ASEAN countries, in order to improve relationships with industries in each region and promote the Good Design Award.

Good Design Award 2015 Schedule

Good Design Award Application period (April 2 - June 3)

1st Screening (June 10 - July 1)
Entries were divided into several units.

Results notification of the 1st screening (July 2)

2nd Screening (July 10 – September 9)
Held at Tokyo Big Sight and overseas based on the demand from applicants.

2nd Screening (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 4,5 ) (August 4 - 6)
For subjects who passed the 1st screening, we conducted a secondary screening using the actual products, panel or other documents. Day 1&3 was closed door, and Day 2 was conducted the “Interactive hearing”. Recommended "GOOD DESIGN BEST 100" candidate from each unit which juries selected was inspected by juries: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Unit Leaders of all units, Focus Issue Directors.

2nd screening in Korea (August 11, 12)
Cooperated with Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the screening is for entries from Korea. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Hong Kong (August 11, 12)
Cooperated with Hong Kong Design Center, the screening is for entries from China Mainland and Hong Kong. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Taiwan (August 25, 26)
Cooperated with Taiwan Design Center, the screening is for entries from Taiwan. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Nigata (July 31)
In accordance with the provisions of “conduct screening based on demands from applicants”, carried out a secondary screening in Nigata, supported by TsubameSanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

Good Design Award and BEST 100 Board (August 28)
Determine the 2nd screening results by Chairman, vice Chairman, and all unit leaders. The council of special screening unit decided Good Design BEST 100 from entries that nominated from each unit.

Results notification of 2nd screening (September 10)
Results of Good Design Award and BEST 100 released on Entry Site.

Announcement of the award results (September 29)
Good Design Award 2015, Good Design BEST 100

Good Design Special Award Panel (October 1)

Announcement of the Good Design Special Award (October 30)

Good Design Award Exhibition (G Exhibition) (Venue: Tokyo Midtown) (October 30 – November 4)

Voting for Good Design Grand Prize (October 30- November 3)

Good Design Award ceremony & Grand Prize (November 4)

Yearbook “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015” Publish (March 2016)

Good Design Long Life Design Award 2015 Schedule

Public recommendation (April 2 – June 3)
Accept public recommendation from users, designers and companies.

Candidate Selection Board (July 7)
Juries of Long Life design award select candidates from recommended design.

Company Application Deadline (July 27)
Application deadline of selected candidates for companies.

Long Life Design Award Candidate Exhibition & Public Message (August 3 - 16)
All candidates released on Good Design official website and receive public massages.

Long Life Design Award screening panel (August 17)
At Good Design Award secondary screening venue, performs screening by using the actual item and panel and Other Documents.

Announcement of the Long Life Design Award results (September 29)

Good Design Award Exhibition (G Exhibition) (Venue: Tokyo Midtown) (October 30 – November 4)

Long Life Design Award Ceremony (November 3)

Yearbook (March 2016)

Message from Chairman(April 2, 2015)

Today, society, industry, and the whole way of life in Japan are undergoing a major transformation.
Until now, design has stimulated industry and shaped our lives by continually creating physical objects.
However, right now, in our changing society, our needs in regard to design are steadily evolving.
We need to make widespread use of design concepts and perspectives to provide the impetus for things that will pave the way for the coming age.
While believing that the existence of just one beautiful item can enhance the quality of our lives, it is also vital to discover and nurture emerging designs that hold new possibilities and potential, even if they are not yet fully formed.
There is also a need to view various initiatives ubiquitous throughout society through the lens of design, even though they have never previously been recognized within this framework.
It is precisely because the word ‘design’ now permeates all kinds of settings in our lives and design has become such a familiar concept for people that we would like to actively demonstrate through the Good Design Award that design is equipped with the potential to change society for the better.

Accordingly, the Good Design Award 2015 marks the start of a new initiative, with the selection of 12 Topical Issues.
All of these Topical Issues are issues that society and we as individuals must strive to resolve.
The judging process will be formed by the question of how design can influence these issues, a perspective that will function as the guideline for analyzing the design background.
Furthermore, by presenting the award-winning designs in the context of these Topical Issues, we will endeavor to accurately communicate the value of each and every design.
One could say that everyone interested in and involved with design on a day-to-day basis is a key contributor to efforts to shape our future lives and society.
Through the Good Design Award, we would like to share with you the knowledge that design has the power to shape not only us, but also our surroundings, our communities, and the wider world.

Chairman: Kazufumi Nagai
Vice Chairman: Fumie Shibata