Outline of Good Design Award winners

2012|Project Outline

Good Design Award 2012 launched with Mr.Naoto Fukasawa as the chairman and Mr.Taku Sato as the vice chairman, following 2010 and 2011. When the screening starts, Mr.Fukasawa stated that both tangible and intangible designs should pursuit beauty and ease of use in principle.

Screening Policy of Good Design Award
HUMANITYInspiration for products and conceptual embodiments
HONESTYPerceptiveness toward contemporary society
INNOVATIONConcepts to pioneer the future
ESTHETICSImagination for prosperous lifestyle culture
ETHICSReflecting on society and environment

The Viewpoints of the screening

1. Viewpoint for human body

  • Consideration for the safety
  • Consideration for aged or disabled people
  • Usability and user-friendliness
  • Everlasting design
  • Suggestion to prompt user's creativity

2. Viewpoint for lifestyle

  • Suggestion of new etiquette or manner
  • Consideration for the user and living environment
  • Suggestion for the way families or communities are
  • Suggestion for new working style or the way to join the society
  • Creativity of lifestyle for the near future

3. Viewpoint for Industry

  • Solution utilizing new technology or new material
  • New direction to utilize design
  • Suggestion for new method of production or supply
  • Contribution to create new industry or business
  • Suggestion for new style of industry or company

4. Viewpoint for society and the environment

  • Suggestion for the new personal communication
  • Creation of social or cultural value
  • Contribution to expand social infrastructure
  • Contribution to develop global cooperation
  • Contribution to realize sustainable society

Introduction of the screening from "interaction" and "system" viewpoints

In addition to the existing viewpoints, we introduced special team to screen from the "interaction between human/environments and products" and "system" point of view so that the screening would be manifold.

Subjects eligible for entry

To deal with various types of designs across both tangible and intangible ones, the category for the entry was defined with "area" and "layer".

  • The areas are divided into "life", "industry" and "public"
  • The layers are divided into "object","communication" and "system"
  • The intersection of each area and layer was applied for the category of the entry.

Introduction of the various screening methods

  • Extension of the 2nd screening period
    For the solid screening session, the 2nd screening period was extended to 3 days from 2 days. The "interaction" and "system" screening team surveyed all the entries from their viewpoints additionally.
  • Implementation of the 2nd screening session in Taiwan and Korea
    For 2 area/country with big number of applications, the 2nd screening session was implemented there with local judges.
  • Presentation and on-site screening implementation
    For the entries require professional explanation and some entries which were difficult to carry in the physical one because of the size,etc. presentation and on-site screening was implemented.

Good Design Award and Special Awards

To clarify the difference of the viewpoint of the screening of Good Design Award and Special Awards such as Gold Award etc., the procedure was devised.
From the all Good Design Award winners, "Good Design BEST 100" were selected and announced as of October 1 as especially highly evaluated designs and candidates for the special award winners.
For these "Good Design BEST 100", special screening panel was implemented and the results were announced on November 25.

Good Design Exhibition 2012

As a complete collection of latest award winners, Good Design Exhibition was held during November 23 - 25 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Annual schedule of Good Design Award 2012

April 2 Announcement of Good Design Award 2012 launch

April 27-June 1 Call for Entry

June 7-25 1st screening session

June 26 Notification of the 1st screening results for the applicants

July 7-September 14 2nd screening session

July 24-26 2nd screening with physical entries at Makuhari Messe

August 21-22 2nd screening in Korea in cooperation with KIDP

August 23-24 2nd screening in Taiwan in cooperation with TDC

September 10
General meeting for the confirmation of the screening results/Good Design BEST 100 selection

September 14 Notification of the 2nd screening results for the applicants

October 1 Award results announcement/Best 100 announcement

October 15 Announcement of 15 Grand Award candidates

November 2-4 Good Design BEST100 designer's presentation

November 2-25 Vote period for Grand award candidates

November 22 Screening panel for special awards/Award ceremony

November 23-25 Good Design Exhibition 2012 at Tokyo Big Sight East 4 hall

November 25 Announcement of the Special award winners

December 18 Special Awards ceremony at Ritz Carlton Tokyo

March, 2013 Yearbook publication