Important points to evaluate housing architecture (2019.05.13)

Good Design Award 2019 evaluates housing architecture entries with following 2 categories.
The judgement will be executed with the following points respectively.

Unit 12 Housing (personal residence, small sized apartment)

  • Suggestions for the social or local issues
  • Suggestions for lifestyle
  • Consideration for the landscape and social environment formation
  • Suggestion details of standardization (especially for industrialized housing)
  • Versatility details of personalization (especially for the detached house by architect)
  • Additional values and its reflection to the physical design
  • Re-definition of the private space

Unit 13 Housing (medium to large sized housing complex)

  • The appropriate way to form good relationship with surroundings (in terms of the consideration for landscape and social environment formation)
  • Community building program in the housing complex or the surroundings
  • Suggestions and considerations to the common space
  • Suggestions to the exclusively owned space
  • New challenge as the housing complex
  • Considerations to the natural environment
  • Considerations for the maintenance and preservation of the function
  • Business impact to the competitors (whether it is going to be the model in the industry, solution for the social issues)