GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 Participation



Q: What objects are eligible?

GOOD DESIGN AWARD targets all designs, regardless of tangible or intangible, from industrial products including home appliances, automobiles, to architecture, software, service system, project, activity, community renovation, business model, etc. In order to accept various designs, we sets many categories for entry.

-> For the category list, please see "Category for Entry".
All previous award winners are seen in the website "GOOD DESIGN AWARD - Online Gallery".
-> Click here for "Online Gallery"

Q: What are the benefits of getting awarded?

G Mark, which is available for use only by award winners, can be utilized for your various sales promotion activities. Recently, many award winners introduce their success to develop the company's brand reputation. We have heard the voices of award winners that they succeeded in dealing with a large department store and paving the way for OEM, or that the award made it easier to get a loan and human resources, and improved their status in the community and industry. Many companies and designers participating in G Mark system have succeeded in establishing credibility.
Since "design" is difficult to evaluate, many companies use the entry to evaluate their design by the third party.

-> Please also refer here.
Various Survey

Q: What are the effects of "G Mark"?

"G Mark" logo is proof of winning GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Many award winning companies are using its logo in sales promotion activity. A recent survey shows that recognition rate of G Mark (in Japan market) reached approximately 80%. It indicates that products with G Mark logo are comprehensively accepted as high-quality, attractive, and easy-to-use products. Also, there is a tendency that people have an image that a G Mark winning company is having "good sense and credibility". G Mark can be a boost when consumers select products.

-> Please also refer here.

Q: What kind of supports do we receive?

We increase promotion opportunities for awarded works, including utilization of promotion events. Other than the events, we have some occasions to collaborate with retailers and online stores, and to have some exhibitions of awarded works abroad.

-> Please also refer here.
Promotion Cooperation

Q: Is it difficult to win the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

Every year, approximately 30% of the applicants subject win the award. In GOOD DESIGN AWARD, we judge comprehensively from various viewpoints such as the significance and value of the targets applied, the quality and the technology, etc.

Q: What is the position and definition of Special Awards, such as "GRAND AWARD" and "GOLD AWARD"?

After the GOOD DESIGN Awarded works are determined, 100 entries regarded excellent by the judges are chosen as GOOD DESIGN BEST100. The winners of GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD and GOOD FOCUS AWARD are chosen from among these BEST100 designs.
Finalists for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD are chosen from among GOLD awarded works and then Grand Award winner is chosen through voting by the judges, award winners, etc.
See here (Types of Awards) for definitions of the individual awards.


Q: What are the evaluation criteria?

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD puts emphasis on the viewpoint that whether the design "can enrich people's lifestyle and society", which is, so to speak, the value and significance for users and society.

-> Please also refer here.
Policy and Method of Screening

Q: What kind of designs do you consider "good design"?

At the screening of GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the judging committee examines whether a subject entry design can serve as a positive model in the society of the future. The screening is done based on comprehensive, balanced judgment with multifaceted thinking from a wide range of perspectives.

-> Please also refer here.
Policy and Method of Screening

Q: What are the features of the screenings of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

Considering design to represent the series of processes of thinking, such as identifying, planning and realizing those goals, GOOD DESIGN AWARD regards individual items to be one certain design solution.
Accordingly, instead of asking only whether that solution is fit for purpose, the judges also examine the ideas and the methodologies, asking whether it leads to a chain of new creations.

-> Please also refer here.
Policy and Method of Screening

Q: How are the "Principles of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD" used in the screenings?

GOOD DESIGN AWARD holds five words of fundamental themes as “Principles of GOOD DESIGN AWARD”. The principles have a role to provide the source of judging shared with judges.

-> Please also refer here.
Guiding principles of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD

Q: What is the key points when judges evaluate?

The judges identify the values that subject entries create in society and consider the appropriateness of those values. Next, they examine the entry's relationship to its concept before looking at its shape and structure. That is, they look to see whether the actual design matches the intents of the planning stage and whether the design is reasonable. They also look in depth at whether the design is likely to propose some values for people's lives or society and whether it realizes such value.

-> Please also refer here.
Policy and Method of Screening

Q: Are the number of winners and the pass rate determined beforehand?

The number of winners or the pass rates for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD are not determined beforehand. In 2021, 5,835 entries were screened, and 1,608 entries won the award. The number might look high, but we can say the number of winners is not that high when looking at the number of each category, because GOOD DESIGN AWARD has broad tangible and intangible categories.

-> Please also refer here.
Outline of GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners 2021


Q: Can an individual designer apply?

When an individual designer apply, please apply jointly with "Business Owner" of the entry, which can bear responsibility for the entry. Otherwise submit a letter of consent signed by the business owner.

-> Please also refer here.

Q: Can an individual who is not a member of a company or an organization apply?

If the applicant is an individual having main responsibility in providing the entry, he/she can apply.

-> Please also refer here.

Q: Do I have to fill in the president's name in the "Representative" space in the "Applicant Registration" form?

If your entry is awarded, a commendation certificate will be presented to the "representative" written in the Application Registration form. Therefore, please fill in the name of the representative, such as the president, in principle.

Q: Can multiple companies/organizations enter jointly?

Yes, you can.
Please register each company/organization as "Applicant" on the entry site.
(e.g.: When you apply with three companies jointly, registration of each of three companies is necessary.)
If you win the award, "Applicant" becomes "Award Winner". After the award's public announcement, any information can NOT be changed, please be careful on registration.
The company name, the company's representative's name of "Award Winner" is shown on the certificate.
"Award Winner" can apply of using G Mark.

If you develop your design with other partners, we recommend to apply with them jointly. There is no restrictions on the number of applicants per entry.
Again, please be careful that any additions/corrections of applicants/winners is NOT accepted after the award announcement.

Q: Can we set a different "Applicant" per entry?

Yes, you can.
You can set like this: Entry 1 by Applicant company A and B, Entry 2 by Applicant C.
You can set and associate each applicant and each entry in the entry site.

Q: I entered the awards last year. Do I need to re-register?

If you already have an account from last year, just log in with your e-mail address and password to create your entries.

Subject Entries

Q: Do I need to send a paper registration form by post?

No. You can register all of your information online.

Q: Can we apply with one entry to two or more categories?

You cannot apply one entry to more than one category.

Q: Can we apply with set commodity or system goods as one entry?

You can apply product used in set, system goods which is integrally developed based on a shared design concept as one entry. In this case, screening fee for one entry is required. Similarly, a product with various sizes and colors can be treated as one entry. Also, you can separately apply with each of the objects mentioned above.

Q: Is there anything I have to pay attention to when applying with items which are undisclosed or not-on-sale at the time of screenings?

You can apply with the undisclosed or not-on-sale objects which will be available for public announcement on October 7, 2022 and will be available for purchase or usage by users by March 31, 2023.
Also, it is obligatory to place image pictures or the information in the Yearbook (to be published in March 2023).

Q: Can we apply with products which we have sold for 10 years?

Yes, you can.

Q: Is it possible to apply with architecture that is not built in Japan?

Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is it possible to apply with events or activities that are not carried out in Japan?

Yes, it is possible.

Q: Can we apply with a product which is not on sale in Japan?

Yes, you can.

Q: Can we apply with products whose manufactured volume is small, such as products available on request?

Yes. There are no restrictions imposed in terms of the manufactured volume.

Q: Can we apply for other awards, or is it possible to apply with the entry which has already won other awards?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the relation with other awards.

Q: Can we re-apply with the object which we previously applied for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

Yes, you can. However, the object which is the same object that won the previous GOOD DESIGN AWARD can only be applied for the Good Design Long Life Design Award.
Long Life Design Award (Japanese)

Architecture Application

Q: We are considering to apply with a condominium, but it is not completed yet. Is it possible to apply with its drawings or image pictures?

Architectural and residential entries are accepted if they meet the following conditions:

  • Completed (usable) by March 31, 2023
  • Able to be announced publicly on October 7, 2022

* Occupancy does not need to be complete.

Q. With regards to an architecture entry, in the case it is not finished, can I submit floor drawing and rendering only?

As the feasibility is one of the view point of the screening, it would be better to submit the photos of the actual architecture.
In the case the showroom is ready, please attach the photos or it.

Q. With regards to personal housing or office entries, how the "Principal implementing business" will be filled in?

The owner’s name can be registered. But in the case the person would not like to display their name, you can fill in as "individual" as the Principal implementing business. If the owner is not the applicant of the award, "Letter of consent" for application is required.

Q. Why the "Letter of consent" for the application is required, in addition to the "Application confirmation form"?

In the case the applicant is only designer or architect, to avoid any trouble after the entry get awarded, the "letter of consent" from the manufacturer of the product or the owner of the architecture is required to confirm the approval for entry to GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Q. Can we apply for 2 categories with single product?

You cannot apply one entry to more than one category.

Registration Procedures

Q: What should I do when the screening information of a entry is changed after registration?

To conduct fair screenings, we do not accept any changes after May 25 (13:00, JST), the closing date.

Q: What should I do when the section for registering "Brand/Model" does not have enough space because we have many models?

If the section does not have enough space, please edit the content to the extent that we can specify the appropriate items before filling in. We manage all data for GOOD DESIGN AWARD by models of subject entries / awarded works, from the screenings to award announcement/G Mark usage. Therefore, it is required that all models be clarified at the time of application.

Q: How should I fill in the section for price when a entry is a leased product?

Please fill in the space for price unit in a comprehensible way such as "yen/year (lease fee)".

Q: When the design application for a entry has not been submitted, are there any effects on screenings?

There are no direct relations between screenings and the presence or absence of design registration or design application. The applicant shall bear all responsibility related to intellectual property rights, including design rights, and the responsibility related to quality and safety.

Q: I need to withdraw the application after registration.

When it becomes difficult to continue the screenings of a entry, you can withdraw the application at any time during the period from the completion of application registration procedures to the award announcement date. Please make sure to notify the Office in writing via email or facsimile transmission. There are some cases where the payment for screening fees and exhibition fees is required according to the timing of withdrawal notification.

-> Please also refer here.
Consideration on Application

Q: The number of characters written in the space is limited, and how should I count the letters?

For English, the number of characters is counted, not the number of words. Also, each space counts as one character and so does each line break.


Q: How can I pay for my entries?

We send an invoice (PDF) to the account holder by e-mail.
You can choose your payment method "Credit Card" or "Bank Transfer" in the entry site. Make sure to pay by the due date. All payments must be made in Japanese Yen.
Second screening fee, winner package fee will be sent by e-mail to those who pass each stage only.

Time to send invoice and due date

  Invoice sent Due date
First Screening Fee After the entry deadline May 31
Second Screening Fee Mid July August 12
Winner Package Fee Early September September 20

Q: Do you accept payment in foreign currency?

No. All payments must be made in Japanese Yen.

Q: Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes. We accept VISA, Master, Amex and UnionPay.
If you want to make a payment by credit card, please choose "Credit Card" as a payment method in your account information in the entry site.
We will send you a link for payment in the time mentioned above.

Q: Is it possible to issue an invoice with a name different from the name of an applying company or a corresponding company?

Yes. Please inform us in the specified section in the entry page for the information of the applying company.

Q: I need an invoice or a receipt for accounting reasons.

An invoice will be sent by e-mail to all applicants. Receipts are not issued.

Q: Can I split the invoice?

We make the invoice based on the entry account. We are unable to provide split invoice for multiple within one account. If you want to pay separately, please create multiple accounts and register separately.

Q: Can I get a quotation when I pay the fee?

It is not possible to provide a quotation. Please do your own calculations based on the page of the "Fees".

Screening Procedures

Q: How is the first screening carried out?

The first screening and the second screening are carried out by a screening unit of 3-6 judges of approximately 90 judges in total. Each screening unit will judge the responsible category for entry. The first screening is conducted based on the information provided by applicants at the time of application. After an individual screening of each judge, each screening unit holds a meeting to determine the results by mutual agreement.
We will notify the first screening results to each applicant via entry site on June 27.

Q: What is a "hearing screening"?

The hearing screening is the screening in which applicants and judges ask and answer questions orally so that "the judges can deepen their understanding of the entry". Only the applications specified by the jury will be conducted. Not all entries will be subject to hearing screening, we do not accept the applicants' requests and applications about hearing screening.
In principle, it will be held on the second day of the second screening (August 3). The implementation method also depends on the screening unit. G Mark office will notify the applicable applicant about the date, time, place and method of hearing screening.
You may not "be disadvantaged if you do not participate", but we recommend applicants to participate in the interactive hearing for entries for which an explanation will give better understanding.

-> Please also refer here.
Procedure for the Second Screening

Q: When we apply with not-on-sale products, and the final product will not be produced in time for the second screening, can we use a mockup model as a substitute?

The second screening is the "screening for design" carried out with an actual product, so the screened item should be basically the same as the final product which users will get. However, in the event of inevitable cause due to production schedule, a "final production model" which has completely the same function and appearance, etc. may be accepted. However, there is a possibility that the model may not be screened properly, depending on the state of their completion.

-> Please also refer here.
Procedure for the Second Screening

Q: For what kind of subject entries do you carry out a "on-site screening"?

the on-site screening may be carried out for subject entries which are judged that we require to confirm the objects on the site, such as architecture or large equipment. However, this screening will not be carried out based on application or desire of applicants. We will inform applicants of the objects requiring these screenings.

-> Please also refer here.
Special Application and Screening

Q: Does the on-site screening for architecture require additional cost to applicants?

Applicants will bear actual expenses for the on-site screening carried out on the request of the Judging Committee, including transportation cost of a judge and accompanying staff members, etc. in addition to the second screening fee. However, these screenings will not be carried out based on application or desire of applicants. We will inform applicants of the objects requiring these screenings.

-> Please also refer here.
Special Application and Screening

Q: Are all electronics products screened when the power is on?

Please present the products operable for the products in which their usability or essential point of design cannot be presented when the power is off. If you need power supply, please inform us through the entry site of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Q: Can applicants be present at the second screening?

Only judges and the authorized staff members can enter the venue of the second screening. The venue is closed to all applicants.

Q: Does the second screening require exhibition fees?

The second screening fee includes the exhibition fees. Additional exhibition space or special options require additional fees.
Also, if products need electricity, applicants will bear the expenses of electrical construction and electricity use.

Q: What are the Focused Issue? If our entry does not meet the Focused Issue, are we disadvantaged in the screenings?

During screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the judges try to identify issues and possibilities related to the society of the future. Focused issues are important areas that designs should address for this purpose.

During screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, a special team (the Focused Issues Directors) is formed to discuss these issues in greater depth, subject entries are observed and discussed across screening units with regard to their possibilities in future society and the roles and meanings of design, and then following screening topics and future possibilities for each issue are announced as recommendations.

An entry will not be at a disadvantage in screening if it does not address a topical issue. Also, new issues may be identified through deliberations during screening.

-> Please also refer here.
Focused Issues

Q: Will product that has not yet been announced at the stage of the award announcement be announced?

All awarded works will basically be released in the announcement on October 7. Please note that any subject that cannot be announced on October 7 will not be eligible to apply.

Award Announcement

Q: When will the winners of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD be determined?

Announcement of award winners will be held on October 7, and this is the day when the winners are confirmed.

Q: Do you release the data in the application form directly to the public?

The information of the sections displayed "REL" in the application form will be released. You will have an opportunity to check your data in the entry site before public release, so please confirm your data on that occasion.

-> Please also refer here.
Info to be Filled In

Q: Product can not open to the public before award announcement. Can I extend the announcement date?

All awarded works will basically be released in the announcement on October 7. Please note that any subject that cannot be announced on October 7 will not be eligible to apply.

Q: Do you release the products which did not win the award as well?

Only awarded works will be released.

Commendation Certificate and Awards Ceremony

Q: When an awarded work is applied jointly (applied in joint names), will the commendation certificate be issued to each person or each organization?

One commendation certificate is issued and given per awarded work even if the award is shared with other parties. Additional commendation certificates are available on sale.

-> Please see here for the details on "Duplication of the Commendation Certificate".

Q: Other than the commendation certificate, are the winners awarded a "prize money" or an "extra prize"?

No prize money is offered. A trophy, an extra prize, is awarded to the winners of GOOD DESIGN BEST100 and Special Awards such as GOLD AWARD. The Special Award Trophy can be duplicated for remuneration, if required.

-> Please see here for the details on "Duplication of the Special Award Trophy".

Q: When can I get the certificate?

Organizer will ship it to the account holder before the middle of November.

Q: Can I change the description of the certificate?

You can change/amend the information on the certificate in the entry site during the information confirmation period (August 19 - 26).
After this period, you can NOT change any information.

Utilization of G Mark

Q: What effects can we expect by using G Mark?

"G Mark (G Mark trademark)", which indicates the receipt of GOOD DESIGN AWARD, has been used from 1957 when the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japanese government) started this G Mark system. Due to the activities which have been accumulated since then, the recognition rate of G Mark has reached the average of nearly 80% Japan nationwide. Besides, consumers consider a product with a G Mark logo to be a "high-quality product" which has excellent appearance and quality, and use the G Mark as a reference for purchase decision.

-> Please also refer here.

Q: Do we have to use G Mark logos?

Utilization of G Mark is on a voluntary basis. We are expecting that the increase of awarded works with G Mark logos facilitates consumers' understanding of good design, and generates good circulation which generates the advantage of G Mark winning objects.

Q: Who can use G Mark?

The winners of GOOD DESIGN AWARD can use the G Mark. The winner, such as the company whose name is written in the commendation certificate of GOOD DESIGN AWARD as a winner, can use G Mark for its PR and sales activities. In the case that the award is shared by two or more companies, all companies can use G Mark after one of the winners applies for the G Mark usage and obtains the approval of the organizer.
Also, organizations other than the winners (including an advertising company affiliated with an award winning company) can apply for G Mark usage or pay the usage fee by submitting a written statement proving the approval of the award winning company.
When a third-party relating to media or distribution companies other than winners wants to use G Mark, please inform the outline of purpose of the utilization to us. We will determine whether it is appropriate after receiving the detailed information of the content.

-> Please also refer here.
Using G Mark

Q: What procedures do we need to take for using G Mark?

An award winning company takes procedures to conclude the license agreement of "G Mark trademark" obtained by JDP. An applicant will submit an "Application to Use G Mark". We will issue the "G Mark Usage Permission Certificate" after confirming the payment of the usage fee by the applicant. After that, the applicant can use G Mark with the awarded work specified in the contract for one year from the starting date written in the "G Mark Usage Permission Certificate"

-> Please also refer here.
Using G Mark
G Mark Usage

Q: Are there any specific colors or sizes when using G Mark in paper mediums such as catalogs?

Yes, there are. Please refer to "G Mark Usage Guideline" for the details. Please use G Mark to fit the medium to be used. Also, when using G Mark in the profile of a company / business cards, or a general catalog including an awarded work, please clarify which object won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD by displaying a G Mark logo near the name of the awarded work, or in other ways.

-> Please see here for the details on "G Mark Usage Guideline".

Q: Can we try using G Mark before applying for G Mark usage?

Winners can use G Mark free of charge without any applications during the "PR Campaign Period (One month from the date of announcement of the award) ". Please conduct intensive PR for the awarded work during this period and emphasize the value of G Mark usage in your company.

Q: Can we continuously use G Mark or temporarily stop using it?

If you want to continue the contract for G Mark usage, you can take procedures for continuing usage in 3 months prior to the expiry of the contract. You can reapply for the usage after you temporarily stop using G Mark at the expiry of the contract, but you cannot temporarily stop during the contract period.

Q: When an award winning item is changed for improvements, can we continuously use G Mark?

It is possible, depending on the content. When you use G Mark for an awarded work after the specification change including the change of its name or model number, please submit a designated alteration report. You can continuously use G Mark, depending on the degree and the contents of the change. The alteration report only notifies a "change of application range of G Mark usage", so receipt of the report does not mean the change of the awarded work itself. Therefore, the open information on the website or in the Yearbook cannot be changed.

-> Please refer here for the details.
Using G Mark

G Mark Usage Fees

Q: Please give me more details on what is used as the standard for calculating the G Mark usage fees.

The usage fee is basically calculated based on the retail price. However, in the case that a entry is not a commodity but an item having no retail price such as a civil engineering structure, website, or business model, the usage fee is calculated based on the total project cost. If there is a range in retail prices (current market price for open prices), the average value is applied. A written statement which proves the price is not required.
When a project includes land purchase, such as construction of an apartment, please include the purchase amount in the total project cost. When no cost was generated in a project, such as a proposal of a business model, please consider the total project cost to be 0.
All amounts of G Mark usage fees, retail prices, total project costs, and other costs include the consumption tax.

-> Please refer here for the details.
Using G Mark

Q: Are there any discounts for G Mark usage fees?

There are promotional discounts applied to small or medium sized enterprises, discounts based on the number of years after winning the awards, and other discounts.

-> Please refer here for the details.
Using G Mark

Q: Please give me the specific definition of "a small or medium sized enterprises actually controlled by a large company" stated in the supplement of usage guideline.

It is a company to one of the following 3 conditions.
1) a company in which more than half of the issued number of shares or loans are obtained by the same large company
2) a company in which more than two-thirds of the issued number of shares or loans are obtained by the multiple large companies
3) a company in which more than half of its board members are board members or employees of large companies

Q: Our company is a private company/sector, but runs a non-profitable activity. Can we use G Mark free of charge?

The usage fee is determined depending on the business categories of winners, so the usage fees for private companies/sectors will not be free of charge in spite of the business contents.

Q: We jointly won the award and share the award between a stock company and a local government. In this case, will the usage fee be exempted when the company applies for G Mark usage?

The exemption of the usage fees is not applied for applications submitted by companies. It is only applied for applications submitted by a local government.

Q: To what fiscal years does the "50% reduction in G Mark Usage Fee for awarded works from the fifth year onward after its award" specifically apply?

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, the usage fees for an object winning the award from FY2014 to FY2018 will be reduced by 50%, and the usage fees for an object winning the award before FY2013 will be free.

Q: Do we need to apply for G Mark usage in the cases when we can use G Mark for an awarded work free of charge from the tenth year onward after its award, or for an object winning the Good Design Long Life Design Award?

Please make sure to apply for the usage even in the case that you can use G Mark for free.
Please be aware that using G Mark without the application for the usage can be considered unauthorized use.
Also, when using G Mark logos with an object winning the Good Design Long Life Design Award, please clearly specify that the object "won the Long Life Design Award" with a G Mark logo.