GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 Participation

Message from Chair [Aspiration and action with consideration]

We are now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
I think during the pandemic people are feeling that humanity is facing a major turning point.
Many of us are expecting and hoping not only to endure the disaster, but also to open the way to a new future by making use of knowledge and technology, looking back on the history of humankind and our past behavior. Such aspirations that people are having become the key driver to pass on to the human race in the future.

A word of aspiration contains a dearest wish, like a prayer.
People are not alone in aspiring.
People, society and nature have aspired until today.
Unfortunately, such aspirations have been difficult to realize because they can be overshadowed by loud demands and desires.
Unexpectedly, we have been able to recognize clearly each aspiration because our activities have been restricted.
Now may be the very time when we must carefully consider our modest and sincere wishes. Therefore, it is important to feel sympathy for others, which means being willing to have relationships with and to be considerate toward each other.

Blending various aspirations obtained by feeling sympathy and moving toward achievement is, so to speak, an “action with consideration,” which will certainly emerge as the way and shape of design to come.
The GOOD DESIGN AWARD focuses on and captures that.
In this award, we should discuss how much we can empathize with and support the proposal for the future that designs bring up.
I believe Good Design itself, which was founded by conversations between applicants and judges through the material existence of design and deepening mutual understanding, can be a powerful message to open up the next era.

Behind the prosperity of humankind is the history that ancestors turned disasters to their advantage.
I think that design is born because people carry experiences and lessons learned from difficult times to the next step.
The mission that design is charged with is not only to solve problems but also to innovate new value.
What will become our advantages going forward? For that, what and how should we design?
I hope the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, where a wide variety of designs come together, will be an opportunity to exchange opinions on such themes.
I look forward to seeing many of you at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021.

April 1, 2021

Takashi Ashitomi

 Message / Message from Vice Chair [Action with consideration and aspiration]

Human beings create things, and the question is, how should they play a role in a society?

What can humanity do now?
How should we substantially change the world and where should society head?

What will we learn and how will our mindset change from the battle against the novel coronavirus that continues to change our lives and the world? How should we pass on our experiences after overcoming many pains and sorrows?
What can we do about the suffering, sadness and ongoing recovery from disasters?
What should we do for people who are facing difficulties around us or in some faraway place in the world?

Many questions, “?”s, with no answers are emerging one after another. I think such questions are also wriggling inside the minds of many people engaged in design creation and social implementation.

Design turns small forces into a tidal wave and produces new things to change society for the better.
Good Design Award adopted the theme of “resonance” in 2019 and “sympathy” in 2020. Through these themes, the award has focused on designs created while taking action and actively engaging with others and various things. We received many impressive designs, such as for tangible and intangible objects, processes, and those related to awareness. We have witnessed a moment when they gradually became a tidal wave.
One of this year’s themes, “action with consideration,” is aimed at having humans create even greater waves by encouraging greater sympathy between people. The other, “aspiration,” means design based on outcome, that is, the direction that humankind should aim at in order to produce greater waves.

Design is inherently hopeful. Humans who create tangible and intangible objects try to solve various problems in some way. However, when putting things into practice, it is evident that there are still different thoughts and philosophies informing them. Regarding efforts to improve the global environment, the definition of happiness, and dealing with new methods represented by technology are being promoted differently by each frame of industry, field, business and individual, among others.
Good Design Award evaluates a broad range of designs in an interdisciplinary way. Through the screening, its role is to encourage actions with consideration in order to grasp the direction humans and society should move in. The award aims to contribute such that it can show the hopeful direction that we seek in a sincere manner. I look forward to encountering many Good Designs this year.

April 1, 2021

Seiichi Saito
Vice Chair of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021

Message from Organizer

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion has begun accepting applications for the 2021 GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
The world is currently in a period of historic transformation. We cannot demand easy solutions in situations of which we have no previous experience. In such situations, new talent, new thought, and new vision are needed in order to lead the way towards resolving the various issues which are gradually becoming clearer and clearer, and to open up a hopeful future.
In this sense, it can be thought that people have even higher expectations of design than before.
This is because it is precisely in difficult times that we need design in order to build a rich society in which everyone can live in a way befitting HUMANITY and can feel hopeful.
In recent years, design has been put it into practice in many fields, and has enlarged the domain in which it is held to be effective.
Those responsible for design are becoming increasingly diverse: people are aiming to create better lifestyles, better industries, better societies, better communities from their various standpoints, taking on the challenge of new design INNOVATION.
The GOOD DESIGN AWARD play the role of discovering such design initiatives through a strict and impartial screening, sharing them with many people through the awards, and thus enabling them to contribute to the next design INNOVATION. In this way, they support the people who are trying to generate reliable social value using design.
For this reason, we are actively promoting the awards again this year in order to make them even more valuable to receive. We are intensifying plans for exhibitions and the distribution of information in order to introduce the award-winning designs to the world and to let people know the intentions of their creators which are encapsulated in the designs.
Furthermore, we are also working on making recommendations via “Focused Issues *” and on exchange projects based on collaborations with related organizations within Japan and overseas, broadening and enriching the potential of design.
Through the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, we will continue working to share with society at large the ways in which each of your designs are playing a role in pointing the way to a new era.
We sincerely hope that you will all be motivated to submit your applications.

April 1, 2021

Atsushi Oi, President
Japan Institute of Design Promotion
*The president has been changed to Hiroyuki Fukano as of June 18, 2021.