All the award recipients of Good Design Award 2013 will be exhibited.(Some large ones will be shown in graphic panels.)
Good Design BEST100, especially attracted high evaluation by jury and selected among all the award recipients, will be exhibited in the Hall with the special projection. They will show what is exquisite in their design.

Exhibition 1Exhibition 2Exhibition 3
Exhibition 4Exhibition 5

Good Design BEST 100 Designers' presentation will be implemented for this year, during the exhibition days.
100 designers will appear in turn and make a presentation regarding their design.

Exhibition 1

The 10 candidates for Good Design Grand Award(Prime Minister's award) will be exhibited.All the visitors to the exhibition can vote for a "Good Design Grand Award", the design of the year!

Exhibition 1

Corporate and design educational institution's will hold their independent booth. They will show their dedication to design in detail.

Exhibition 4 & 5

At the main stage in Exhibition 1, various show will be held such as designer's talk, panel discussion, presentation by students, etc.

Exhibition 1

Jury members of Good Design Award 2013 and award recipient designers will hold original workshops for children. Exciting 3 days with full of cutting edge design experiences! (Pre registration is required.)

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Venue:South atrium, 2F West Walk, Roppongi Hills

Dates: 13:00 - 16:00, November 2 - November 4

In collaboration with Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH, you can join "Stamp Collection". The stamp stalls are located various places in Tokyo Midtown. Collect all the stamps visiting all the locations and create your own smile on ECO bag!

Each location in Tokyo Midtown

(You can pick up the eco bag at the information counter on the 1st floor.)

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The images on this page are from Good Design Exhibition 2012.