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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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guesthouse [House for Marebito]
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House for Marebito LLP
Construction/space design for commercial use
VUILD, inc. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020

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It was completed, from material procurement to installation, within 10km radius using digital fabrication to make use of local forest resources and approach the decline of forestry. The house is located where the population is only 600. By building a Jointholders-like guesthouse in such location, we proposed a new concept of second home as people go back and forth the land as they visit relatives.


Koki Akiyoshi, Hayato Kurobe, Kazuya Takano, Koki Ogawa, Hanako Kato, VUILD, Inc. (Design) + yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE Yasuhiro Kaneda (Structure) + DE. Lab (Facility)

VUILD株式会社代表取締 秋吉浩気

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This ambitious piece of design demonstrates a completely new approach to architecture. This accommodation facility in a new gassho-zukuri (steep-gable) style has been created using digital fabrication. Achieving a kind of sixth industrialization on a micro scale, all processes were carried out within a radius of 10 km, creating an intra-prefectural cycle: timber was procured from local forests, cut into parts, transported to the site, and then assembled by a handful of workers like a gigantic plastic model kit. Everything about the completed accommodation facility is new, from the project’s launch based on a joint ownership model to its funding mechanism, with part of the building costs covered by crowdfunding, right through to its production process. What is more, such facilities could be mass-produced by means of digital fabrication if the data is supplied. This effort to completely transform conventional approaches to building conjures up visions of the future of architecture.

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