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GOOD DESIGN|グッドフォーカス賞 [新ビジネスデザイン]

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Spherical camera [IQUI]
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Vecnos Inc.
Video equipment
Vecnos Inc. (Japan)
Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020

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IQUI is a 360-degree camera in a sleek and sophisticated design. A proprietary four-lens optical system enables it to be ultra-slim and pen-shaped. Using the IQUISPIN smartphone app, users can easily pair with the IQUI, and can automatically edit 360 images, with using its proprietary algorithm. Combining together, it offers new visual experience and visual communication, as a new platform.


Hidenao Ubukata, CEO, Vecnos Inc.


Takafumi Hoshimura, Toshihiko Kawa, Corporate Design Center, Intellectual Property Division, Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Toshihiko Kawa, Ryo Furutani, Takashi Ishida, Chifumi Tsuruoka, Corporate Design Center, Intellectual Property Division, Ricoh Company, Ltd. + Akimitsu Kino Surface

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One imagines that it was the developer’s extraordinary passion and tenacity that enabled them to create a 360-degree camera no bigger than a pen, smaller and lighter than any other camera of this kind ever seen before. Making an item small requires careful manufacturing, of course, but we were also impressed by the unstinting attention to detail that gives the whole package a high-quality finish, with meticulous consideration given to ensuring that the item is user-friendly precisely because it is so small. For example, the structure has been designed so that, when opening the storage case to take the unit out, opening the lid lifts the unit up a little, to make it easier to remove. We also greatly appreciated the automatic editing function on the app that makes photographs taken with this camera easy to post on social media and the like, combating the issue experienced in the past with similar cameras, whose specialized data formats tended to make the photographs hard to use in practice. We have high hopes that the fresh experiences offered by IQUI’s 360° camera will help users to find new modes of expression and, as a result, generate possibilities for cultivating and expanding the market.

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