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Kids Suitcase [Mi]
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Xiaomi Inc.
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Xiaomi Inc. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2018

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The Mi Kids Suitcase is an 18-inch carry-on suitcase for both kids and parents. By using spray glue process, it combines an injection molded frame with a vacuum formed PC shell, without exposed sewing threads and rivets. Featuring a zipper-less latch-lock design, Mi Kids Suitcase is sturdy, durable, and easy to maneuver. It has an independent front compartment allowing easy access to travel essentials, such as snacks, drinks or small toys on the move. The compartment utilizes special stain-resistant material, removing liquid spillovers or food stains. Its high glossy PC shell works well with stickers, giving kids total freedom to personalize their one-of-a-kind luggage.


Xiaomi Inc.


Li Ningning


Industrial Design Team of Mi Ecosystem

Market release pending


This 18-inch suitcase tailored for children's travel and centered on a child's travel experience, has its overall design expanded based on a large-scale observation and in-depth study of the behavior and demand for clothing, toys, books, snacks and other items that are packed for children's travel with their parents. It eliminates the traditional luggage process and uses the most advanced robotic automatic glue injection process to make the case body, ensuring that the injection-molded frame is perfectly integrated with the vacuum-formed PC case without any exposed rivets or sewing threads, which is both durable and safe. Its front compartment is designed with no zipper lock, which is convenient for children to put in and take out snacks, beverages, mobile toys and books, etc.; Special anti-fouling materials are used for the inner compartment of the box to facilitate the removal of liquid spills or food stains. The high-gloss case allows children to doodle or put on stickers, giving them free rein to their own creative personality.

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