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STRATAGEMS IN ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG IN VENICE [STRATAGEMS IN ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG IN VENICE-"the 15th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition" HK Exhibition & HK Response Exhibition]
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SIU Kwok Kin Stanley
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SIU Kwok Kin Stanley (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Hong Kong is a city known for its versatility and resilience; yet what is often seen in daily life is rigidity and lack of alternatives. Mr Stanley SIU, Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Exhibition leading 17 young architects and artists from Hong Kong showcase in the exhibition the paradigm shift, and their personal and social battles that they are fighting. A series of activities as symposium, exhibition and workshops are organised in Venice and Hong Kong to conduct a regional exchange to show the reality in Hong Kong and in exchange for the international ideas.


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SIU Kwok Kin Stanley


SIU Kwok Kin Stanley

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Exhibitions these days commonly have collaborations of a group of individuals, very often resulting in an undesirable "collage" with little connections and dialogues amongst themEven of the individual contributions are noteworthy, there is still missed opportunity of creating a more meaningful while out of the individual projects, not to mention there are frequently a disconnections owing to the lack of a strong and coherent approach by the curatorThe entry, Stratagems in Architecture Hong Kong in Venice, very carefully adopts a very provacative and relevant theme borrowing the classic Chinese literature of Thirty-Six Stratagems as a framework for the invited individual designers, all working on the subject of forming remedial strategies to address various issues in the city of Hong Kong, with the end result both entertaining and highly relevant to the response and intent from the Biennale

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