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Panorama Pan [Greentec]
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GreenTec Enterprise Limited
Kitchen utensils
GreenTec Enterprise Limited (China)
Greentec (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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This frying pan is a newly designed product made of a granite-containing material, which makes the pan particularly durable and easier to clean. The lid features a red signal colour, which makes sure that it stands out against the black corpus of the pan. The panoramic roof curvature allows not only to observe the food inside, a convenient feature, but also serves as a splatter guard. An integrated fine-mesh strainer in combination with a coarse strainer pouring system facilitate the draining of liquids.


Li Huamin, Liang Jia


Liang Jia + Li Huamin

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Panorama Pan is a pan with insect eyeglasses. It sounds rather strange to express kitchen products like this in this way. The pot itself seems to have no big difference from the design which is generally on the market. But the point is that the lid to fit the pot is very unique. It is a lid with a handle, and it looks like a really big magnifying glass in appearance. You can clearly see inside the pot when frying vegetables or baking fish. The material is heat-resistant silicon. Together with the eye-catching lively bright color, this ordinary frying pan seems to stand out and feels like five years ahead of the competitors. Furthermore, the lid is provided with an eye-catching screening function. Its uniqueness, practicality and innovation are the reasons this product was awarded.

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