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Free-form Pillow [Mr.Z]
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Guangzhou Mrz Creative Culture Co.,Ltd.
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Guangzhou Mrz Creative Culture Co.,Ltd (China)
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Traditional pillows can't meet customer's sleep demands due to their limitations on static height, hardness and materials.In order to satisfy the individual needs of sleepers, Mr. Z has launched the first DIY pillow in the world! The modular system divides a pillow based on the functions and characteristics of head and neck areas into zones that can be easily changed. Now, everyone can create a pillow perfectly fitted to their unique demands by combining different materials, hardness and height of plugging compounds.


Guangzhou Eurasia Mattress & Furniture Co.,Ltd.


Shilin Liu


Rongsheng Yang

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The Free-Foam Pillow is a customizable pillow to suit each sleeping habit and personal taste. This pillow can be regarded as a combination of four small pillows. Small pillows have different levels of hardness and supporting power. People who are accustomed to lying sideways may have a completely different supportive power for the head and neck from someone sleeping on their back. I like this design concept, and when thinking about a problem, I think it is necessary to break it down into several small problems and solve it one by one. By doing so, surprisingly wonderful designs may appear. I believe that this product can help many people get a better sleep. It is a really wonderful design. If its completeness as a product further increases and sponges with different hardness are marked more visually as a classification, we believe consumers will be more willing to DIY their favorite pillows. The key point that led this product to be awarded is that it is smart, effective and modularized.

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