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Flat Cloud Clothes Rack [Fnji Furniture]
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Beijing Fnji Interior design Co.,Ltd.
Furniture for daily life and lighting appliances for home
Beijing Fnji Interior Design Co. Ltd. (China)
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Flat Cloud Clothes Rack FNJI new masterpiece. It perfectly combines the material of brass, leather and log and continues the structure of campstool which is good for storage. High and low racks are designed for hooks as well as hangers. The decision on size is made after long testing and usage and the space is more inclusive. In order to avoid the rack will fall down accidently, designer changes the size of the metal shaft that the bottom part is larger than the top. The paint is effectively waterproof to avoid deformation.


Beijing Fnji Interior design Co.,Ltd.


Guqi Gao


Guqi Gao, Yang Wang

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This is a wooden hanger. The shape and structure are very simple like a folding chair for camping. If you normally set it in the bedroom, you can hang clothes and coats that do not need to be washed immediately, and the hanger itself is a piece of art. The most impressive thing for the judges was the elaborate machining in the wood processing technology of this hanger. It is a very time-consuming task to polish the walnut tree so that it moves smoothly after connecting it with a stepped flange, but all these complicated manufacturing processes appear in a well-formed shape. The perseverance of craftsmen is the reason for realizing this quality of finish. Selection of materials is appropriate while retro and includes small copper hardware and rugged cowhide. It is a practical work of art.

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