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A pot [Potted / green / autotrophic potted plants]
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Shenzhen Runhetianze City Stereo-ecologicl Technology Co.,Ltd
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Shenzhen Runhetianze City Stereo-ecologicl Technology Co.,Ltd (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Advantages: Automatic water absorption, three months without watering The cultivated substrate is kept in a slightly wet state and is easy to grow The best choice for hotels and indoor places. A-pot uses the natural characteristics of Tao's water absorption, by making the ceramic into a different temperature, so that he reached a different water absorption, so A-pot can meet the vast majority of plant growth. This is the plant system, the scientific cultivation, is conducive to bringing nature into the home, bring you fresh and full of energy.


JiahaoSun, YanliZhao




Ma Jincai, LinweiMai, JiahaoSun, YanliZhao

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A pot is a series of flowerpots made of pottery. This pottery-made flowerpot utilizes the siphon principle that takes advantage of the water permeability of the pottery material itself, and slowly absorbs the water of the external pot into the soil in the inner pot. Flowerpots with different water permeability can be selected according to the degree of water demand of the plant to be cultivated. I think that this design is particularly suitable for urban white-collars who want to cultivate plants but sometimes forget watering and who occasionally have to go on long-term business trips for their job. Once you fill up the pot with water, basically it is not necessary to pour water in again for a long time. The outer bowl is transparent. The remaining amount of sump water can be checked, it is very easy to understand and convenient. Because of its functionality and convenience in absorbing water, the design of the flowerpot naturally becomes a rounded cone shape, and while it is not so unique, it has good appearance. Anyway, as a designer, I am quite moved by this small idea that is so wise, practical and can solve problems. Practicality, creativity, and wisdom are the reasons why this flowerpot was selected and awarded.

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