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Toothbrush [DR.BEI Bass Toothbrush]
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WuXi QingHeXiaoBei Technology Co.,Ltd (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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The bristles of the Dr.Bei toothbrush consist of three different materials in different heights. The spiral-shaped,coloured layer ensures elasticity, while the grey bristles dry quickly and, together with the white brush elements with silver ions, prevent the accumulation of bacteria. The head of the toothbrush is slim while the grip is slender and elastic.This lends it a classic stylish appeal and facilitates the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The rubberized area provides a firm grip and visually picks up the dominating bristle colour.


WuXi QingHeXiaoBei Technology Co.,Ltd.





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The design of this toothbrush was very fresh and eye-catching as the first impression given to the judges. From design to packaging of the product itself, the design team had repeatedly struggled to try to make a product that is outstanding among similar items in color combination, selection of materials and visual impact. The design of the brush distinguishes bristles of different length, and functions according to the color block. A design that lowers the height stepwise from inside is a very unique detail. It's said that such a design has an effect of drying the bristles relatively quickly and reducing bacterial breeding. The design of the handle part of the toothbrush is very simple and traditional, a somewhat slimmer shape, with no bigger turning angle. In the middle part there is a layer with small particles protruding as a nonslip block made of rubber, and it is just the position where you exert a force with your thumb when you brush your teeth. The grip and weight of the toothbrush as a whole are relatively comfortable. It is a wonderful thing that such a toothbrush with a relatively low price line could achieve such a technical effect and quality control. Being fresh, beautiful and fine is the reason for this toothbrush to be awarded.

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