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YoDrum is the conglomeration of original innovative elements on all fronts. There is the signature aesthetic design, and the solid, easy-to-assemble frame. There is the proprietary chip technology and industry-leading tone library. There is the performance-level, low-latency multi-channel wireless communication tech. And then there is the range of instructional apps for drummers of all walks of life. The list goes on and on. All the innovative brainpower and old-fashioned hard work we put into YoDrum was distilled into a very cool product: a sweet looking kit that drummers love to play.


MEDELI Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Guangzhong Zhang


Chao Gao, Wing Fung

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The rack set of electronic jazz drums is very simple, and the basic structure of the semicircular aluminum alloy curve tube and the layout form that defines the drum set are based on drummer-centered considerations on comfort. Since the mechanical structure of the rack is simple, it can be assembled by an individual without any problem. Another point of design consideration is that the connection circuit is embedded in the tube and a connection socket is provided outside the tube to be connected to the electronic drum set. Although the cost of this design is expensive, it is convenient for the user to assemble, disassemble and personalize the combination. At the end of the arc type tube there is a main controller which can be freely inserted and pulled, and settings according to personal preference can be transplanted to various instruments via standard sockets. This experience design is very convenient and efficient for professional drummers and orchestras. The simplicity, the overall cohesiveness, convenience and ease of use and personalized design are the main reasons for YoDrum to win the award.

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