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Walkie-Talkie [Mi Walkie-Talkie]
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Xiaomi Inc.
Sporting, outdoor/leisure, hobbies and gardening goods
Xiaomi Inc. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Mi Walkie-Talkie is an ideal communication tool for outdoor activities such as family vacation, road trip, mountaineering and hiking. The built-in Bluetooth chip enables real-time location sharing and firmware upgrade once connected to its supporting App. Practical features including FM radios, button-free calls, and quick grouping make the product even more helpful. With up to 8 hours of battery life, it is conveniently rechargeable via a Micro-USB port. Adopted an interface similar to feature phones, its operation is intuitive even for beginners.


Xiaomi Inc.


Li Ningning


Xiao Yanlin, Li Kaiwen

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The transceiver design of Xiaomi broke through the traditional image that our judges held of this product. Most outdoor transceivers on the market are rough and durable, and have an appearance and design that is muscular and device-like, but this transceiver of Xiaomi looks very commercial and has an impression that leans toward consumer electronics products. A monotone screen is equipped with four simple selection buttons and one volume control turn button, which makes operation intuitive and easy. There is no rubber impact resistant layer on the outside, but the plastic outer cover is very thick and there is enough strength to withstand even a drop. This may be another idea for designing outdoor products. Because the transceiver is hand-held, weight, proportion and grip comfort are all very important. You can feel that the touch of this transceiver has also been devised. Being concise, intuitive, easy to use and comfortable is the main reason this product was awarded.

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