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NITECORE LA10 Lipstick-shaped Mini Lantern [NITECORE]
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SYSMAX Industry CO.,Ltd.
Sporting, outdoor/leisure, hobbies and gardening goods
SYSMAX Industry Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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The LA10/LA10 CRI mini lantern has an appearance and structure resembles a lipstick. The thumb-sized streamlined body made from aluminum alloy is beautifully coated. Inside the metal body, there is an incorporated high transmittance diffuser. The diffuser is extendable and retractable, and when retracted it protects core components and saves space. Magnetic tailcap attaches to any metallic surface. It allows the users to access all brightness levels and modes by a simple twist. Comes with a lanyard, the light allows for many hands-free applications.


SYSMAX Industry Co.,Ltd.


Siman Lee


Wang Xi, Zhong Shicong

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This is a portable lipstick type mini light for LED lighting. It is a pure lighting fixture with a single function, and the scenes to be applied are unlimited and depend on one's personal preference. The cylindrical external appearance design of the product adopts a size ratio close to lipstick and an internal screw mechanism so that the user can freely adjust the extension and shrinkage of the condenser effect and luminous intensity change of the LED according to the demand of scene and light intensity. Since the light disappears as the lamp shade is housed in the outer cover, the lamp shade is protected. This is a borrowed idea but is very interesting to be applied here. The outer cover of the light which can attract people and make them want to try it, is processed with aluminum alloy CNC, and the anode effect of the surface is high quality. As for usage, it can be used as a key holder worn on the body or attached to a bag, or it can be adhered to a metal wall. This LED light was awarded for its portability, skillful design, modesty and refinement, and surprising elements.

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