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Modular and Programmable Drone [Airblock]
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Makeblock Co.,Ltd.
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Makeblock Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Airblock is a kind of block designed with new concept.It means block in air or flying block. Also it's the Modular and Programmable Starter Drone. We'd like to make an aircraft that can freely fly in the air and run on the ground or water. The aircraft is designed into six bricks. Each brick connects to each other through magnet, which allows you to create various forms at will. It's just a piece of cake for you to program your own aerial stunts with our graphical programming App! Our work can help people to learn the principle of aircraft.


Makeblock Co.,Ltd.


Jimmy Qin


Mingzhe Guo, Wenhua Wang, Lijiao Xin

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Airblock is like a DIY product combining a building block and a motor propeller. It is possible to connect and disconnect freely by modular design, and the point of contact connecting one component to the other is attracted and fixed by magnetic force, which is very simple and convenient. Together with the programming APP attached to the product, the flat panel instantly turns into a remote control, and it is just right for children to create their own mobile type building blocks while demonstrating their imagination. The most wonderful combination among them is, by all means, a flight machine assembled with a hexagonal propeller module. Since the material of the module main body is a polyolefin foam packaging material, even if the flight fails and the airplane crashes and is scattered on the floor, it can still be promptly restored and will never be damaged. This is a wonderful idea, because the thing that most flying machine players are afraid of is the cost of repairs if they accidentally drop it while handling the remote control. For kids or beginner players who just started with flight machines, this is a perfect design for practice. It is modularized, simple, safe and product extensible. These are the main reasons Airblock was awarded.

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