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Educational programming electronic blocks [Makeblock Neuron]
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Makeblock Co.,Ltd.
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Makeblock Co.,Ltd. (China)
IU+ Design Studio (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEM education and practice. It contains over 30 kinds of blocks with different functions, and every block can bound up with others to become a multi-functional smart electronics solution. With intuitive, flow-based Makeblock programming app, Makeblock Neuron enables makers of all programming levels to build a variety of innovative gadgets with ease, and turn their unlimited ideas into reality.


Makeblock Co.,Ltd.


Lian liu, Project manager, Makeblock Co.,Ltd.


Yiyue Zheng, Chongguan Li, Guoqing Li, R&D Dept. Makeblock Co.,Ltd./ Jiye Shen, Shenghui Jia, Junyao Li, Haiwei Wu, David Juan, Liang Wang, Yajuan Huai, Zheyang Cai, IU + Design Studio

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Makeblock Neuron is a smart module building block. Different smart modules have their own respective functions and sensor elements. The manufacturer is currently developing 30 or more functional modules, and the modules communicate with each other through physical contact. Users can input modules such as sensor elements, power supplies, and switches necessary for their desired control system or product prototype, and verify their hypothesis by assembling their own products. Conventional learning software programs generally could only be able to perform digital deduction and manipulation of simulation on computer. These hardware modules certainly help the children to quickly confirm by trial and error, and as with the DIY prototype, they can immediately see the results. Through this visually touchable hardware module, children can comprehend the training on programming and logical thinking so that programming will no longer be a boring task. Although it is a programming training material set designed for children's STEM education, as long as manufacturers continue to develop more functional modules, I think that they can attract adults to touch and enjoy the pleasure of computer programming. Simple unit module design, intuitive UI graphical interface and expanding potential with infinite possibilities are the main reasons this product was awarded.

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