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ARTIST 100 Colors Double Tip Pen [KACO]
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Shanghai KACO Industrial Co.,Ltd. (China)
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The point of this product is 100 colors, it's very difficulty to made the color ink. Also two types of nib are good for drawing.


Kelvin Yan


Lin Fan


Lin Fan

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This color pen set contains 100 kinds of colors which are extremely difficult to obtain. According to the designer, it is very difficult to blend inks of various colors which uniformly grade the chromaticity at the factory. It is very time consuming. At both ends of the color pen, a textile similar to a writing brush and a hard and thin pen tip similar to felt-tip pen are provided respectively. The design of the pen shape changes progressively from a circular cut face to a smooth triangle; the round tip is a writing brush, and the triangular end is a thin felt-tip pen. I think that the detailed processing of this design is determined by the characteristics of the pen tip. The reason is that when drawing on the side of an outline with a thin felt-tip pen, you must hold it firmly, and even if you continue to draw for a long time, the stress it causes will be comparatively small. Since the brush end is designed to be cylindrical, it is easier to control the thickness of the line, the rotation of the curve and the starting angle. What has been found out after a quick trial is that the ink is very uniform and smooth, and it will never run out or become uneven in color in the middle of the writing. Basically, it is very easy to write with, the weight is moderate, and the quality is not inferior to ordinary imported brands. Aside from that, the market price of this double head pen 100 color set is about RMB 400, very economical and worth trying. It is ideal as a first color pen set for children's first drawings. Being colorful, cost-effective, of high quality, and with clear product positioning is the reasons this product was awarded.

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