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Wireless Luggage Tracker [BagiTag]
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Tektos Ecosystems Limited
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Tektos Ecosystems Limited (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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BagiTag is a Bluetooth wireless connected tracker. Once BagiTag is tied to the luggage and activated accordingly, the user will be able to view the status of luggage via a dedicated mobile application. Communicates via the app with mobile devices, the user will be notified when: (1) Baggage arrival notification; (2) Baggage lost or stolen alarm; and (3) Baggage information to share with others, such as airport staff, to help to reclaim the baggage. Paired with the remarkable 2 years of battery life, waterproof and dustproof, BagiTag is the tracker that everyone wants.


Ludovic Depoid, General Manager


Ludovic Depoid, General Manager


Ryan Yeung, Product Designer

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This is a suitcase identification label connected to intelligent Bluetooth. The main use is to prevent accidental loss of a suitcase when traveling individually. After pair connection is made to the dedicated APP and the personal mobile phone's Bluetooth, it is possible to confirm the detailed position and the movement situation of the suitcase in real time, and by transmitting the real-time position identification information to the airport baggage delivery section, it is possible to shorten the time to artificially search lost baggage. In fact, this type of product technology is not so difficult. The similar products we saw earlier were larger and thicker, and attachment to a suitcase was bothersome and too conspicuous. The outline design of this product is very plain and straightforward. This is a blister contour design technique, and the outer cover concealing the electronic components inside is of minimum size. Batteries can be used for two consecutive years. As before, there is a space on the back side for writing one's contact details. The APP interface design is very simple in appearance, and it should be said that complicated operation is unnecessary and easy to understand. Although the product design is simple and easy to use, judges are all in agreement that it is relatively expensive, and how to reduce costs in the future will be the key to the success of this product.

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