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ClickPack Pro [KORIN Co.,Ltd.]
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providing innovative carrying solutions for users of 3C electronic products.
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Click pack Pro is an Anti-Theft backpack that has a smooth design with many features, which is well suited for short business trips.


Guangzhou Korin Technology Co.,Ltd.


Bi Zhao


Bi Zhao, Jiahua Qiu, Dengtai Tan, Mia Huang, Fuchu Fu, Jianwei Ou, Ming Zou, Guangzhou Designest Industrial Design Co.,Ltd.

Designer of ClickPack Pro

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The backpack style design solves the problem of the balance of burden and is especially suitable for use on walking trips. However, because it is put on the back, there was always the risk of being destroyed or stolen by pickpockets and thieves. This backpack is designed under the theme of preventing theft; the sense of unity is relatively strong in the design of its exterior, and no pockets are added to the outside. Since the so-called conceal fastener is adopted as the fastener of the main body, the fastener is practically invisible. It is hard for pickpockets to grab hold of it exactly. The fabric is still not so common, and material that prevents knife cuts is used. If such fabrics are combined with more impactful pattern decoration and color selection, development in clothing and backpacks can be anticipated. The zipper lock design relatively common in travel suitcase is also added, and it is relatively unusual for this type of zipper lock to be applied to a backpack. Another unique design is that a cable structure similar to the key of a bicycle is adopted. It can prevent the thief from robbing the rucksack and escaping by winding the stretchable cable around a restaurant table, a chair or a telephone pole, etc. This is a very useful function in some countries. Simple design, clear selling points and the convenient and practical features are the reasons this product was eventually awarded.

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