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Eyewear [TAPOLE Series T]
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Tapole Eyewear
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Tapole Co.,Ltd (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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TAPOLE Tapole Series T uses high-standard technology to combine nylon and titanium to make eyeglass frames without using screws or adhesives. Based on the characteristics of titanium alloy sheet material, the titanium alloy sheet after laser cutting and bending to form a unique hinge structure, Not use screws and welding. The use of titanium alloy sheet material properties for the temple provides excellent adjustable and flexibility. The specially developed adjustable nose pad structure helps to provide comfortable, long-lasting wear, Even in the movement is not easy to fall off.


TAPOLE Design Team


TAPOLE Design Team


Ding Dong, Liu Shudong, Lin Jianxiang

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From the parts samples being exhibited to the final goods for sale, you can quickly understand the whole picture of the production process of the frame with little thought. After completion of the laser cutting of the titanium alloy sheet, this simple, smart design is almost completed, leaving only the lens bending process and assembly to be done. The frame, made of the titanium alloy sheet, is lightweight, flexible and impact resistant. In fact, these functions are also the most annoying problems for people wearing glasses every day. There are frames made of similar materials on the market, but the design of the whole frame is very fine and clever in that no screw or any welding method is necessary. Lens fitting is comparatively close to that of traditional eyeglasses, and a curled nylon material is applied between the frame and the lens as a lens fitting adapter. In this way, the time cost of lens processing is relatively low; however, it should be noted that only special manufacturers are able to accurately pull the trench over the arc lens. Being precise, smart, and simple is the reason it was awarded.

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