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GOOD DESIGN|中小企業庁長官賞

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Confectionery and bakery ovens [BACKEN See-Through oven "full open evolution" ,THS-F24T-FOWIN-EVO]
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Shichiyo Co.,Ltd.
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SHICHIYO CO.,Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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A commercial oven to bake confections and bread. The inside of the oven can be seen from both the kitchen and store side so that the oven, which would usually be installed deep in the back of the kitchen, can be installed closer to customers. Since it is installed between the kitchen and the store, it maintains the work environment in the kitchen. On the store side, the oven is close to customers, who can enjoy the aroma and see products being baked. The oven makes it possible to create a store that appeals to all five of the consumer’s senses.


Uchiyama Motoyuki


Uchiyama Motoyuki


Iwasaki Hiroyuki

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This may be one example of incorporating customer service into kitchen devices. It looks as if it will play a major role in arousing the customers' senses with the sight, fragrance and expectations of freshly baked bread, as well as the visibility of the manufacturing process. When laying out kitchen fixtures, taking something that was positioned in the kitchen where it was invisible to customers and daring to put it in the sales area has brought many advantages, including more efficient use of space and greater customer appeal. The control system on the back offers independent methods of control for each stage and is built for intuitive use. It also feels like a high-quality fixture, with its finely finished outside surface, combined with lighting that beautifully illuminates the bread. We gave it high marks as a kitchen fixture suitable for era of the open kitchen.

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