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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Steam Supply System [Combination of BP-201 and SQ-3000/2500/2000AS]
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MIURA Co.,Ltd.
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MIURA Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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Most recent steam supply systems consist of multiple boilers for which the legal category is small boiler class, and together these provide the necessary steam. In many cases, there is peripheral equipment that purifies water suitable for boiler use, and the equipment configuration for getting high-performance steam becomes complicated. With this boiler system, the status of each piece of equipment in the boiler room can be centrally monitored on the boiler room operations panel and meanwhile multiple steam boilers can be optimally operated by unit control. Predicting any troubles that might occur and automatically sending an alert to the maintenance center leads to maintenance and service that prevents breakdowns. By building a system, one can reduce usage of fuel, water and electricity, reducing troublesome day-to-day management and providing a stable supply of high-quality steam.


Yasuo Ochi, Executive Managing Director, Technical Headquarters, MIURA Co., Ltd.


Yoshitaka Yagi, Chief Engineer, R & D Center, MIURA Co., Ltd.


Yoshitaka Yagi, Chief Engineer, R & D Center, MIURA Co., Ltd.

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The design of the system that provides centralized management of a series of small boilers with an operator's panel was highly evaluated. The interface of the operator's panel allows intuitive operation, and the warning displays that report the internal condition of each boiler vessel permit interaction with the operator. All the judges nominated this product for the Gold Award because they thought that its design has s strong intension to dispel the image of boiler rooms as dark, dingy places.

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