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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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electronic drums [DTX950K]
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Yamaha Corporation
Human Body - Hobby and Personal Interest Products
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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The DTX950K is the flagship model of Yamaha’s "DTX drums" line of electronic drums, using the "DTX-PAD" drum pad developed based on an entirely new concept for better playability. The developers of the "DTX-PAD" conducted repeated evaluations with leading drummers in search of just the right drumming feel for tempting to extended play while maintaining the playability and expressiveness of acoustic drums with the quietness and freedom of electronic drums, and finally discovered the ideal characteristic for drummers. A new molding technology achieving these characteristics resulted in the development of the drum’s "Textured Cellular Silicone Head." This electronic drum, from Yamaha, with its long term experience of manufacturing acoustic drums, provides the ultimate in drumming feel.


Yamaha Corporation Japan, Digital Musical Instruments Division, Makoto Katsuura


Yamaha corporation, Product Design Laboratory, Kazuhito Nakajima


Yamaha corporation, Product Design Laboratory, Keizo Tatsumi

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Shifting from acoustic drums, which are plagued by problems with volume, to electronic drums, offered advantages such as volume output control and use of headphones, and yet, the sound of drumming on the pad is as loud as ever, and there was some anxiety about noise during practice, etc. The electronic drum pads that solve these problems were newly developed, and the DTX950K is the flagship model of electric drums that adopted the drum pads. While incorporating both values, the expressiveness of acoustic drums and the quietness of electronic drums, Yamaha has worked together with leading drummers to achieve an ideal drumming feel. With the use of a new molding technology, Yamaha succeeded in developing a new drumming surface, which brought about a major evolution in drumming feel and quietness through the cushioning effect of the air bubbles inside the silicone head. The appearance of this model, which we might call a new-generation drum, has dramatically improved the playability and expressiveness of drums. I feel that it may make a major contribution to the development of musical culture, and I give it high marks.

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