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Electronic Dictionary [iriver D28]
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Reigncom Limited
Industry - Furniture, devices and equipment for offices
Reigncom Limited (South Korea)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2008

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D28 is an electronic dictionary with enhanced multimedia functions. The pantagraph keypad supports better usability and professional look. Clean profile is achieved by new hinge design, and simple UI is highlighting the easy usability. It is an all-in-one electronic dictionary with powerful multimedia functions, including MP3/Video Recording/E-book and Voice Recording. The built-in stereo speaker and RealSpeak technology supports powerful music listening and foreign language learning. The users can enjoy music even when the folder is closed with the independent control buttons on the outside.


Kuno Kim, Executive V. P, Chief Operating Officer, Reigncom Limited


YeongKyu Yoo, Creative Director, Design Lab, Reigncom Limited


<1>. SooJin Choi, Assistant Manager, Design Lab, Reigncom Limited <2>. SeMin Jun, Manager, Design Lab, Reigncom Limited <3>. YeongKyu Yoo, Creative Director, Design Lab, Reigncom Limited

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We can feel competence of a designer in the way that the product is comprised of solely necessary elements without excessive decoration or overly-done textures. The product has ingenuity of making the display portion and the keyboard portion look the same thickness and is crafted in such a way as making the side surface vertically uniform when closed (zero taper), in which the adherence of the designer toward the creation of beautiful product is seen. Without the understanding of a maker, it is impossible to realize the product with such a high level of finish. We can feel an aspiration and enthusiasm for the design by an awarded company.

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