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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Humanoid robot [Omnibot17mu i-SOBOT]
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TOMY Company,Ltd.
Human body - Devices and products for sports, leisure, and hobbies
TOMY Company,Ltd -TAKARATOMY- (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2008

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World's smallest bipedal humanoid robot, as certified by Guinness World Records in 2007. At 16.5 cm tall and 350 g (1/10th as tall and 1/150th as heavy as a person), i-SOBOT comes fully assembled and is easy to control. The little robot is equipped with 17 customized micro servo-motors, as well as a gyro-sensor to keep it balanced when walking. Voice control is possible using particular commands, and users can easily program a series of actions with the controller. i-SOBOT can speak in a variety of voices and play sound effects and music in sync with motion, from a repertoire of nearly 200 action presets. The friendly robot is sure to be a family favorite. The fact that the robot is energy efficient, powered by included eneloop rechargeable batteries, and comes with a recharger also sets it apart.


Hiroshi Kobayashi, ExecutiveGeneralManager, StrategyR&Doffice, TOMY Company, Ltd.


Kimitaka Watanabe, GeneralManager, SeedsProductDevelopmentGroup, TOMY Company, Ltd.


Fumiaki Sonoda, DeputyManager, Seeds Product DevelopmentGroup, TOMY Company, Ltd.


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Anyone will find it easy to play with this humanoid biped robot, once it has been completely assembled. It's simple to operate, and exhibits a surprisingly wide variety of actions. Its finely-tuned operability, a strong point of Japanese industrial craftsmanship, and expressiveness created unabashed excitement in the judging area. Its fulfillment of users' wishes at a reasonable price, environmental friendliness in the form of its three installed eneloop rechargeable batteries and charger; and energy efficiency, which allows it to operate for over an hour on a single charge, all earn it the highest evaluation.

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