Fully renewal yearbook

Official Yearbook of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 was published with a new title as "GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010". This is a yearbook that covers all design ranging from products, architecture, and communications projects. the yearbook reflecting the concept of the "Making GOOD DESIGN AWARD activity itself to the Good Design Award" by Naoto Fukasawa, who was appointed Jury Chair from this year, is also fully renewed. It should be Japan's world class yearbook.

Photo:Takashi Mochizuki

Wide and solid

The wide 215mm width x 298mm height edition, fabric covered and well-bound book.

Full of designer information

Producers and designers' information as well as the outline of the awarded items are introduced one by one.

Special feature of design of the year

Specially featured of interviews of GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWRAD and GOOG DESIGN GOLD AWARD designers - developers. With interviews it tells deep stories about the back side of judges. Also it contains information of about 1,000 all published winners.

For the publication of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 The Yearbook

The concept of judging GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010, shall be defined as something leading to the richness of life, something that everyone thinks is "excellent". Besides, with the goal of "Making the GOOD DESIGN AWARD activity itself to the Good Design Award" set, we revised all aspects of this activity including communication design, judge venue, exhibition, citation, trophy and the design of yearbook.
Without changing the design of this yearbook future, I hope to be a presence that will connect the history of design talk.
Especially, the yearbook, being re-defined and positioned as the important media of conveying prize-winning design, is carefully re-designed. We believe it can motivate designers and developers by putting more photos to this book.
We hope this book will be a presence that connect the history of design in the future .

Naoto Fukasawa
Good Design Award 2010 Jury Committee

In fiscal 2010, we have reviewed the design of the whole process of GOOD DESIGN AWARD with Jury President Naoto Fukasawa. At the same time, the yearbook has changed greatly. Please take it with hand and feel the overwhelming thickness and weight. And in the pages inside, GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners are beautifully laid out. Rather than changing the binding each year as in the past, it will continue to be published every year in this new binding. Please imagine 10 of these yearbooks on the bookshelf after 10 years. It's the archive itself of G mark winning designs.
The design of yearbook that would last for long should be universally beautiful. As the record remain in the history such a solid platform will be necessary. By doing this, changes of the times will be highlighted.

Taku Satoh
Vice Chairman
Good Design Award 2010 Jury Committee

Personal feeling is completely sealed when the designing this yearbook. We assembled it as carving out the way it should be. The only direction is writing out "things of this year".
With the advice of seven photographers, paper of this yearbook was originally developed. Out of this noisy world of digital devices, this thick book contains unimaginable weight of the award. This is also a symbol of irreversible and non-rewritable. GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 will be etched into memory by just taking the yearbook in hand and look at it.

Kei Matsushita
"Good Design Award 2010" Art Director 


  • Message from chairman and vice chairman
  • Project overview of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2012
  • Comments and review of all winners
  • Company INDEX
Japan Institute of Design Promotion
Sales Agency
Sendenkaigi Ltd.
Wide A4 size, well-bound with fabric cover, 704 pages
JPY 25,000 + sales tax
Naoto Fukasawa and Taku Sato
Art Director
Kei Matsushita
Chief Photographer
Takashi Mochizuki

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