Outline of Good Design Award winners

2016 | Project Outline

The Judging Committee for the 2016 Good Design Award was again headed by Mr. Kazufumi Nagai as the Chairman and Ms. Fumie Shibata as the Vice Chairman. At the beginning of the screening process, Mr. Nagai instructed the Judges to "carry out screening as you discover a new aspect of design" and to "bear in mind fair screening through a broader perspective with the main focus on Discovery and Sharing."

Our Ideals
HUMANITYthe creativity that guides the making of things
HONESTYthe ability to clearly see the nature of modern society
INNOVATIONthe vision to open up the future
ESTHETICSthe imagination to evoke a rich life and culture
ETHICSthe thoughtfulness to shape society and the environment

Screening perspectives

For this year, "Time perspective" was added to the previous scope of perspectives.

Human perspective

  • Whether due considerations, including usability, understandability, and friendliness, etc., are given to users
  • Whether various considerations, including safety, security, environment, physically weak persons, etc., are given to maintain the credibility
  • Whether the design gains sympathy of users
  • Whether the design has attractiveness and induces users' creativity

Industrial perspective

  • Whether issues are skillfully solved by using new technology and materials or through creativity
  • Whether the item is reasonably designed or planned with appropriate technology, method, and quality
  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new industry or business

Social perspective

  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new culture, such as a new method, lifestyle, communication, etc.
  • Whether the item contributes to the realization of the sustainable society
  • Whether the item suggests new value, such as a new method, concept, style, etc. to society

Time perspective

  • Whether the item puts past contexts and accumulated achievements to propose new value.
  • Whether the item proposes a highly sustainable solution from medium- and long-term perspectives.
  • Whether the item represents continual improvements in accordance with the times.

Project Policies for This Year

The 2016 Good Design Award has followed up the 2015 project with some improvements, striving for the following objectives: Discovery and Sharing (main focus); Fair and Timely Screening; Sharing the Expertise Gained through Screening; and Enhancing Public Relations. Below is a summary of the improvements.

Fair Screening

  • In order to facilitate more multifaceted deliberations, we have revised the screening perspectives this year, as well as appointing 26 new Judges, who are experts in a range of different fields. We also increased the number of Judges from overseas to facilitate a more global perspective during the deliberations.
  • In order to facilitate more accurate screening, we have revised the Good Design Award screening process, with a focus on Special Awards Panel such as for the Good Design Best 100 and the Good Design Gold Award, clarified the revised points and incorporated them into the Judge Tutorial Book.
  • With regard to the Focus Issue Program introduced last year, we have revised the number of issues, in response to views expressed by the winners, and set nine more new issues for this year.
  • We revised how the special award names are written, in response to views expressed by the winners.
  • In order to make more discoveries during the screening process, we had the Focus Issue Directors make presentations on the respective issues to the Special Awards Panel.
  • In order to strengthen Discovery and Sharing, comments were actively made on entries regardless of whether the entry was screened out or in.
  • For Transparent Screening, we made the screening process public through a variety of information media.

Stronger Promotion of the Award

  • In order to promote the award from various aspects, we restructured the previous form of the award exhibition "G Exhibition" to four different exhibitions: "GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016"; "People's Choice Good Design Grand Award Exhibition"; "My One Choice 2016 Exhibition"; and "LONG LIFE DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016."
  • In order to better promote the award winners, we launched two platforms for interviews and publications: "GOOD DESIGN COMPANIES" and "GOOD DESIGN MAKERS."
  • We now collaborate with commercial distribution partners including department stores and specialist stores to carry out a range of sales initiatives.

Improved Presence of the Good Design Award in Asia
We worked to deepen collaboration with respective Asian countries including Thailand, India and Singapore, who are partner in our Design Award project; Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, where on-site screening was held last year; and other ASEAN countries; and to promote our Good Design Award through strengthening ties with the design industries in those regions and host various events there.

Launch of Readiness Design Project
In order to facilitate the Discovery and Sharing of new expertise through the Good Design Award, we launched a project on "Designs with Readiness for Natural Disasters." The project team intends to carry out a series of initiatives starting with an exhibition at the G Exhibition.

Good Design Award 2016 Schedule

Good Design Award Application period (April 6 - June 1)

1st Screening (June 8 - June 28)
Entries were divided into several units.

Results notification of the 1st screening (June 29)

2nd Screening (July 7 - September 6)
Held at Tokyo Big Sight and overseas.

2nd Screening (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 2,3) (July 26 - 28)
For subjects who passed the 1st screening, we conducted a secondary screening using the actual products, panel or other documents. Day 1&3 was closed door, and Day 2 was conducted the "Interactive hearing". Recommended "GOOD DESIGN BEST 100" candidate from each unit which juries selected was inspected by juries: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Unit Leaders of all units, Focus Issue Directors.

2nd screening in Taiwan (July 30 - August 1)
Cooperated with Taiwan Design Center, the screening is for entries from Taiwan. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Korea (August 3 - August 4)
Cooperated with Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the screening is for entries from Korea. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Hong Kong (August 14 - August 15)
Cooperated with Hong Kong Design Center, the screening is for entries from China Mainland and Hong Kong. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the BEST 100 candidates.

Good Design Award and BEST 100 Board(August 18)
The Judging Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman and respective Unit Leaders confirmed the outcomes of the Second Screening. This was followed by deliberations by the Judging Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman, respective Unit Leaders and Focus Issue Directors, in which the Good Design Best 100 were chosen from the candidates nominated by the respective units.

Good Design Special Award Panel (August 19)
Through deliberations by the Judging Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman, respective Unit Leaders and Focus Issue Directors, finalists were chosen for the Good Design Grand Award, the Good Design Gold Award and the Good Design Special Award from those listed in the Good Design Best 100.

Results notification of 2nd screening(September 7)
With regard to the Good Design Award and the Good Design Best 100, screening results were notified through the entry site. The finalists for the Gold Award, etc., were notified individually of the decision.

Announcement of the award results (September 29)
The 2016 Good Design Award winners and the Good Design Best 100 winners were announced alongside the Good Design Grand Award finalists.

Good Design Grand Award voting (General voting: September 29-October 23)

Good Design Award Winners' Exhibition (G Exhibition: September 29-November 3)

People's Choice Good Design Grand Award Exhibition (September 29-October 23 at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi)
My One Choice 2016 Exhibition (September 29-October 23 at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub)
GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016 (October 28-November 3 at Tokyo Midtown and Shibuya Hikarie)
LONG LIFE DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016 (October 28-November 20 at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi)

Announcement of the Good Design Special Award (October 28)

Good Design Award ceremony & Grand Prize (October 28)

Yearbook "GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016" Publish (March 2017)

2016 Long Life Design Award Schedule

General nomination (April 6-June 16)
Nominations were received via the Good Design Award website from product users, designers and corporations.

Decision on nominee longlist (June 23)
Judges for Long Life Design Award selected finalists from the nominated designs and compiled a longlist.

Closing of entries by Principal Implementing Businesses (July 8)
Closing of entries to the Long Life Design Award from the longlist made by the implementing businesses.

Judging information and entry confirmation documents submissions closed (July 20)
Regarding the confirmed entries, those that entered were to register their judging information and to submit their entry confirmation documents.

Long Life Design Award Panel (July 28)
At the second screening venue for the Good Design Award, Judges for the Long Life Design Award reviewed actual products, panels, etc., and decided on the winner of the Long Life Design Award.

Long Life Design Award winner announcement (October 28)
2016 Long Life Design Award to be announced
Good Design Long Life Design Award

Long Life Design Award Exhibition "LONG LIFE DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016" (October 28-November 20 at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi)

Long Life Design Award Winner Celebration Party (October 28)

Publication of the Good Design Yearbook (March 2017)

Message from Chairman(April 2, 2016)

Today, new designs are sprouting up all around us. People with the aims of improving things and helping others are trying to move society through the act of design. Each of these new designs is an attempt to bring society as a whole to a more desirable state while improving the quality of our own lives.

The Good Design Award, which marks its 60th anniversary in 2016, has worked consistently toward its mission of identifying and communicating good designs. Today, the Good Design Award aims both to consider anew what a "good design" means to society and to be a platform that enables people from various perspectives to develop good designs together.
For this reason, we are enhancing further our efforts to link society and design, through approaches including the focused issues established last year. These focused issues can be said to represent the possibilities of design themselves. The goal is to broaden design within society and enable it to take firm root, through seeing a wide range of things as the subjects of design and analyzing their values from a multifaceted approach.
In the screening process, we will strive to screen entries with a high degree of precision in order to identify accurately the changes in and broadening of design underway today and to appreciate their significance.

The Good Design Award is a communication activity that aims to convey broadly the intentions embodied in design, to broaden support for these in society, and to lead the way to new possibilities. It is our hope that the participation of a large number of people will enable the power of design to plant the roots of an even more enriched society.

Kazufumi Nagai
Chairman of Good Design Award 2016

Fumie Shibata
Vice Chairman of Good Design Award 2016